11 Life Lessons Everyone Should Learn in Their Teens

1. Learn to value your time

Our time is valuable as teenagers. We need to use that time wisely, because there is so much opportunity for growth in our teenage years that it is unbelievable that we spend hours each day on social media. Every minute is a chance for a new experience, and to make new memories. It is also a chance to make mistakes, and to regret. I think that at least for me, this makes me afraid of new experiences. You can’t change the past. You can change the future. Value your time, and everything you could do during it.

2. Don’t trust your brain with everything

Our brains cannot carry all of the information that we collect and use during the day. You might think you would remember something that you need to do later, but you won’t. Make lists. Brain dump. Let all of it out of your brain. Especially as teens, there is so much information coming at us that we cannot process it all. Make a to-do list in the morning, and brain dump in the evening. Don’t trust your brain. (With information, your brain is amazing.)

3. Learn to be a productive procrastinator

Procrastinating is tough. It is very hard to get over, so I am going to tell you about productive procrastination. Let’s say you have a huge paper due, and you need to do at least three paragraphs now. You don’t want to do them, and while you could procrastinate and go on social media, instead you workout. Or you read. Or you work on another assignment. This is productive procrastination. You are getting something done that will make you feel satisfied when you complete it. That satisfaction will turn into motivation which you can use to get your three paragraphs done.

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4. Remove toxicity

Toxic friends, toxic jobs, toxic ideas, toxic social media, there is so much toxicity in the world that is designed to make you feel small. You need to clear out your social media of people who are toxic, you need to get rid of toxic friends, and if you are in a toxic job than you need to quit. Being surrounded by toxicity will give you a bad mindset throughout your life. To make that good mindset for yourself, getting rid of anything toxic is a must.

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5. Dedicate time to improve yourself

You know how I said value your time? Well improving yourself is a great way to value your time. Setting time away each day to focus on goals, skills, and improving yourself is a great use of time. Our brains are still developing, so when we learn new things, our brain eats it up. Watch a Ted Talk, read a book, find a hobby or journal.

6. Don’t be afraid to take risks

These are our fun years! If we make mistakes it’s all right. We are learning. Do those fun things. You will regret passing up amazing opportunities when you are in your 20’s and 30’s. Sneak out with your friends, go bungy jumping, take that risk, and reap the reward or the consequence. It is all part of being a teenager. I can’t accept the opportunity for you. You have to take that leap. This is a reminder to enjoy these years.

7. Ask for help

We are still growing. Sometimes we feel that our parents know nothing, or that we have to be independent all the time to prove ourselves, but this isn’t true. We are still learning and growing, so leaning on other people to help you grow is not sacrificing your independence, it is helping you reach your goals. Asking questions and being curious is part of life. Appreciate that and learn from the people around you.

8. Make your routines

If you have routines set when you are a teen, can you imagine how productive you are going to be when you are an adult? Imagine it now. No more hassle over your habits or stuff you have to get done in the morning because your routines are already created and you are already used to them. Being a teen means you can try different things, to find exactly what works for you.

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9. Look nice for yourself and feel confident

Find your style. Being confident in yourself is so hard as a teen. Finding ways to be confident in yourself and follow your own style and passion can make you feel so much more confident in yourself and who you are. While the inside matters most, for your confidence wearing cute clothes and having a nice haircut is a great boost for your confidence.

10. Learn from others

This is very similar to asking for help, except if you have any passion, then you can learn from those who are already successful in that area. Or you could learn from billionaires, and successful people in general. If you want to get up earlier, there are thousands of videos how on youtube that you can learn from. Anything you want to learn how to do, there are videos and articles on it. Don’t make it up on your own, look for people who are already a success.

11. Make goals and learn how to work towards them

There is so much to gain during our teenage years. Make goals, and figure out what type of goals work for you. To help you out I have a post on comparing short term goals to long term goals here. Trial and error is part of life. What goal setting and completing techniques work for you? Making a plan, daily reminders, there are so many techniques. If you want any help at all, email me at

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