9 Productive Tasks You Need to Do Before 8 a.m


1. Wake up

This may seem simple, but just getting up early needs to be a whole step. Without getting up, you can’t do the other eight things that will make your morning productive and mindful. Just getting up early will set the tone for your entire day, leaving you with a productive and energized mindset.

2. Drink a glass of water

After around (hopefully) eight to ten hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated. That is certain. No matter how much you drank the night before, your body is thirsty in the morning. Right when you get up drink a bottle of water to wake your body up and start getting hydrated. This will also set you on the right path for drinking a lot of water throughout the day. You can find the many benefits of water here. This is a favorite water bottle of mine, that you should definitely check out.

3. Wash your face and do your skincare

Washing your face does not only help your skin, but it also wakes you up and rejuvenates you. Read about non-product ways to clear your skin here. Also, do your skincare. Having done your skincare early while you still have motivation makes sure that you will not have to worry about it for a while. It’s also great to just have that feeling of clear skin as you go about your day. My skin has drastically improved using this cleanser. It is light and airy on my skin, and I use it every morning and night.

4. Yoga/exercise

Your body has been laying down for a while now, and exercising will get your body moving and help wake you up. Do some light meditation to get focused and energized so you are ready for the day. Also getting outside and going for a run gets you some early morning sunshine and gets your body moving.

5. Meditation

Many great people including billionaires and celebrities meditate in the morning. It is a great way to focus your mind, get your body and soul ready for the day, and is a breeding ground for great ideas and motivation. Just sit down for a minimum of three minutes in the morning, and focus on your breathing. See where your mind takes you.

6. Eat breakfast

Get your body nutrients and protein and everything it needs right in the morning. Have you ever thought about the word breakfast? Break, fast. You are breaking the fast. That fast is your sleep. That is why when you “break the fast” you should be eating healthy nutrient full food that will keep you sparkling throughout the day.

7. Drink another glass of water

Yes. I mean it. For all the reasons you should drink the first glass of water, drink another. Your body will still be dehydrated even after one glass. Drink more water. I like to drink one when I get up, and one with breakfast.

8. Write your To-DO list

Maybe you already wrote your To-Do list the night before, but if not then look around your desk, and write out your To-Do list. Sit for a minute and try to think of everything you might need to do. Write it all down, and only put on your To-Do list what is top priority and important. I would suggest not having more than five items on your To-Do list unless you have broken up a bigger task, such as a blog post.

9. Plan out your day and look at your schedule

This is similar to making your To-Do list but different. Take a look at your schedule. I suggest using google calendar to plan your day. Look at your meeting times, and lunch with friend times, and any prior commitments. Compare your To-Do list to your schedule and plan out time blocks for each of your tasks. If you enjoy this planning, then definitely check out this journal. Tell me how you plan your day, or what is holding you back in the comments below.

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