5 Tips on How to Use Social Media Positively to Improve Your Life

1. Stay Connected

Social Media is such a great way to stay connected to your friends and family, without seeming awkward. Any Social Media platform can be used to see what your family is up to, and stay connected and a part of their lives. Social Media also helps support your friends and learn more about them. You can also connect to so many cool people, and make new friends some who have similar stories to yours, or some who live halfway around the world.

2. Follow Inspiring Stories

There are so many people on social media who have inspiring stories, ways that they have changed the world, or found the motivation to work out and changed their lifestyle. Following some of these stories can give you so much inspiration for your story. I talked about this in Stay Connected, but you can connect with these people, and who knows, maybe they will give you some great tips for your own journey!

3. Use Other People for Inspiration, not Comparison

Have you ever looked at someone’s story or video and been like, why is my life not like that? I bet you have. Try to stop thinking like that. Instead of comparing your life to theirs, think what can I do to make my life more like theirs? You’ll soon realize that that far of dream that is their life is not as far off as you think. If you are closer to my age than you’ll know that it’s hard to change your life to be more like a grown-up if you are a teenager. Try and follow other teenagers. You will soon realize that you are all in the same boat.

4. Record Your Goals, and Stick With Them!

Social Media is a great way to record your goals. Whether your followers pressure you to keep going, or you want to have tracked the journey, it is way more likely you will keep going to reach that goal if you record it.

  1. Post a short video stating your goal. A Workout every day is a great goal you can record on social media.
  2. Post videos every time you do your workout.
  3. Do it for the number of days you want.
  4. It is your choice if you want to show the results, but I suggest it.

5. Stay Mindful and Stay Positive

Being on Social Media too much can be harmful, so be mindful of the amount of time you are on a platform. Also stay mindful of your goal, if you go on TikTok to look at one tutorial you saved remember that, so you don’t realize that you have been scrolling TikTok for the past hour, and missed a class. Basically, I speak from experience saying REMEMBER WHAT YOU CAME ON TO DO AND ONLY DO THAT. Also, stay positive, and don’t be mean. Being mean just makes others mean, and then they make others mean, so try to stay positive. Also if someone is mean to do, don’t spread the negativity. STAY POSITIVE!

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