7 Habits of Productive People That You Can Use to Change Your Life

By now I have talked about habits so much, that this intro will be short. Habits keep you organized so you are ready and prepared for your day. They will also make your day more predictable, which is reassuring for some, and annoying for others.

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1. Meditation

By now you have probably already heard about meditation, if not from my blog then at least from other blogs. You might be sick of hearing how meditation can change your life, make you happier, make you more successful, and make you more mindful. Well, I am going to talk about it anyways. Meditating will also make you calmer, and more ready for the day or night. I meditate in the morning, which makes me more focused throughout the day. It also gives my day a purpose and makes me feel ready for a productive day.

2. To-do lists

To-do lists make sure that your day will be productive while also giving you a chance to take a look at everything you have to get done that day. No one can keep all the tasks they have to do in a day in their head. Putting everything together will not only make you much more productive with planning out your time, but you will also be able to see what tasks you can batch so that it is easier and quicker moving from one task to another. Batching also means when you are done with one group of tasks you are able to take a break, meaning your body will get enough breaks throughout your workday.

3. Reading

Productive people are always expanding their minds and learning new things. Reading is the best way to expand your mind! You can learn everything from how to hike to productivity to science. Even if you are reading a fantasy book you are still expanding your mind and learning new things. I know that reading may seem like a bore, but in reality, you just haven’t found the right book yet. Personally, I enjoy reading self-improvement books. I also found that reading goal-setting books were not for me, and I realized I need to read more books that interest me and relate to my life. I am now reading mindfulness books, books about habits, and the Law of Attraction books. Find the right books for you and expand your mind.

My reading list:

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear
  2. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  3. How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Future Benjamin P. Hardy
  4. The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read by Andrew Kap
  5. Practical Law of Attraction by Victoria Gallagher
  6. Mindfulness for Stress Management by Dr. Robert Schachter
  7. A Teens Guide to Getting Stuff Done by Jennifer Shannon

4. Decluttering

This is a very important hobby for organization and productivity. A clean space means a clear mind. You will have no junk that will distract you from the task at hand. Decluttering is also checking something off your to-do list and will stop you from worrying about all the stuff that you have to do within that junk. When you declutter, you are also decluttering your to-do’s, and figuring out what you need to get done, because all your to-dos will be shown while you declutter. Cleaning resets your mind and gets you ready for a very productive day.

5. A hobby

Hobbies are an amazing time user. They allow you to develop skills that you can use later in life, while also giving you a purpose in your boring time. I have already said that productive people love expanding their knowledge, and when you are bored there is nothing better to do than expand your mind. A hobby is a skill you will keep, and who knows, could maybe turn into a job one day. Click to this post to learn exactly how to build a hobby, and I give great hobby ideas too!

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6. Journaling

Journaling is a great way to stay productive. From putting your to-do lists in your journal to writing nightly about your day to using a habit tracker, a journal is a boundless opportunity. If you are a beginner to journaling, I have a whole guide on the why and how of journaling here. You can also track your time blocks in a journal. This is a great technique for time management. You can also write your routines, morning and night, in your journal to stay productive. Productive people keep a journal because you can notice patterns in your behavior, such as when is the best time for you to exercise or work. I suggest at least just putting your to-do list in your journal so you can track how much you can get done.

7. Set goals and deadlines

Without goals and deadlines, you will never feel the need to head on the right path. You will feel lazy and procrastinate everything because nothing is important for you or your journey. If you make deadlines for your tasks they will get done because our brains hate missing deadlines if it will make us feel guilty. Productive people set their own deadlines to make sure that they have time to get all of their tasks done. They also set goals to make sure that they are always improving and working. Goals are another form of a deadline, except with not just one task. Goals also usually have a plan for accomplishment, while tasks with a deadline are just tasks. Tell me in the comments whether you prefer deadlines or goals.

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