The Power of Goals & the Comparison of Long-term vs. Short-term

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In this post you will learn all about the power of goals, and learn the pro’s and cons of long-term goals, and short-term goals. At the end we will compare and contrast, you will know which goals you want to set first, and you will have the motivation to do so! Let’s get started with the power of goals.

The power of goals and what they do

They whip you into shape

Without a plan or a goal, it is way to easy to just give up, and not head on the path you wan’t to be on to achieve your dreams. Your goals will whip you into shape, and force you to be on the right path. You will also have a clear destination, and something that you can focus on, and feel a purpose for.

Suggested by all billionaires and successful people

I cannot stress this enough. So many successful people such as Brian Tracy have suggested goal setting. You can look this up. It is not a joke. Many celebrities also suggest goal setting, and there are many courses out there on how to goal set. I highly suggest Brian Tracy’s who is an amazing successful person.

Can change all parts of your life

Goal setting can change every part of your life. You can set goals in every aspect, from your eating habits your your career and productivity goals. Your goals can also be extremely personalized for you, so you can do whatever you want with your goal, big or small. Even those parts of your life taht seem like they can’t change, sit down and think of some goals. You might be surprised at what you find.

Short term goals


  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier to keep track of
  • More results and motivation quicker
  • Simple and not overwhelming
  • Easier to accomplish


  • Not as helpful
  • Not as impactful
  • To result driven
  • DOn’t usually push us

Long term goals


  • Bigger rewards
  • Crucial for development and growth
  • You are able to do it gain and just repeat the process
  • Doesn’t take time to make


  • Take longer to achieve
  • It’s tough to keep your vision
  • It requires a lot of planning and determination


Long term and short term goals are both helpful in their own ways. I suggest doing both, and seeing which works best for you. Short term goals are good for when you want quick results for a quick change. Long term goals are for when you want to make a big change, and you have plenty of stable time ahead of you. They are great for making habits. If you want to learn how to make a habit in seven easy steps, check this post out. You don’t want to do a long term goal over a period of time that you are not sure will stay the same. Again, I am giving you my suggestions. I can only speak from personal experience and the research I have done.


In conclusion, goals are great because they keep you on the right bath, are very suggested, and can change all parts of your life in so many different ways. Short term goals and long term goals are both good for different reasons, and I suggest you try both for different circumstances. Thank you for reading! Now check out my Pinterest and Instagram under sadelles healthy lifestyle or email me at I love hearing from all of you!

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