Small Steps That You Can Do Now To Have Successful Habits as a Adult

I am going to guess that you are here because you are like me, being a teenager. You want to be successful as an adult. You want to be productive, have a healthy lifestyle, get things done, and you want to do it all before you are officially an “adult.” But sometimes it is hard to find videos or blog posts that are about productivity for teens. If this relates to you in any way, then this is the right post and the right blog for you.

(Side note: Any apps I suggest in this post I am suggesting because I love them. I am not sponsored by any apps.)

Start expanding your brain now

You don’t have to be an adult to improve yourself. There are plenty of ways to grow as a person as a teen. Some of my favorites are reading productivity books for teens, or watching Ted Talks. I also really love Deepstash. This app you can get on your phone. All that it requires is an email. This is another thing I suggest. I have a whole separate email address to sign up for newsletters and apps. I am signed up to many different newsletters on self improvement blogs, so I receive around 2-5 emails from those daily. In the case of an emergency, I could completely delete this email address. I suggest getting one of those types of emails.

Take care of your body

As a teen, it’s so amazing to have that experience of just going to get ice cream, or going to Starbucks. But as a teen you are also pressured to have clear skin and a great body. I would like to say, that you can have both! But being a teen is the best time to learn to make a salad, or get into juices. You can experiment, and start building that love for your health and your body now. Find something that works for you, and make it fun.

Build healthy habits

Bad habits are so easy to create, why can’t good ones be too? But sadly this isn’t the case. If you want to learn how to build a habit, here are 7 easy steps. Being a teen means you can create healthy habits such as journaling, and make them fun. If you want to learn more about journaling you can find that here. An app I greatly suggest is Productive. The purpose of this app is very clear. They allow you to choose habits, and customize them to be exactly how you want them to be. I love this app so much. They allow you to experience many different habits, and give you suggestions. Building healthy habits as a teen will allow you to have healthy habits when you are older.

Find a purposeful hobby

When I say “purposeful” I mean a hobby that will make you into who you want to be. I have plenty of examples in this post, and how to develop your hobby. I am going to dive deeper into this with some examples. I have a slackline in my backyard. Yes. One of those lines you string between two tree’s. When I got my slackline I decided that slacklining would be my “skill.” I would learn how to do tricks, and flips. Thinking about this now, I am glad I abandoned that. I am still in love with my slackline and to love to work on my skills, but it is not my purposeful hobby. My purposeful hobby is writing, and in extension blogging. This is hobby that can do so much for me in the future, especially compared to slacklining. This is what I mean by finding a purposeful hobby.

Putting to use all that I have given you here will mean that you are well on your way t being a happy and successful teen and adult. Go check out my other posts for more ways you can create a healthy lifestyle.

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