7 Important Tasks to Complete for a Succesful Month

1. Creating a monthly calendar

This calendar should be bigger and broader, because it is for the big picture. I also recommend using a weekly more specific calendar throughout the month. On this calendar you should keep track of everything that changes month-to-month, like appointments and ac activities. If you have a long term project, I suggest planning out on your calendar which days you will work on your project to get it done with maximum efficiency. I suggest an aesthetically pleasing planner such as this one.

2 Create or update your budget

If you don’t have a monthly budget, now is a great time to create one! This is not a big daunting task that it may appear to be, simply make a two column list with one side being your expected monthly incomes and the other side with your expected monthly expenses. As the month goes on, make sure to keep it as accurate as possible. As months pass this will get easier and more accurate, and you can improve your budget by going into more detail.

3. Set monthly goals

This is incredibly important to do every month. Setting goals will help you narrow down what you want to spend your time on and include in things like your dream board. Goals help remind you of what you want to accomplish. Keep your goals somewhere you can see them easily, like your dream board or your computer/phone back drop. Use what you learned from last months goals on what you can accomplish, and build off of them.

4. Do your digital organization

This is a digital age, and digital clutter may be just as bad for us physically and mentally as physical clutter. This makes digital organization super important, so I highly suggest you do a deep digital cleaning at least every month, if not every other week. Go through your files and your folders, but also your photos and your texts. If you haven’t texted someone in over a month or more, then I suggest just getting rid of the chat, until you need to send another one time message.

5. Make a monthly to-do list based off of your goals, that can be separated into weekly to-do’s

Look back on those goals you wrote, they are the end results. The path to these goals is lined by these to-do’s. They are big to-do’s that are the steps to reaching your monthly goals. These to-do’s should be able to be separated into weekly to-do’s, which can then be separated into daily to-do’s. Keep this plan for your goals as easily visible as your actual goal list.

6. Do a deep clean

The best way to approach a monthly cleaning is to make a list of all the cleaning tasks you have to get done each month. This list might include cleaning the shower, the sink, cleaning out the fridge, and getting to places that don’t usually get a lot of attention, like the ceiling fan. Having a deep cleaned home will help you start the month right. You also won’t have to worry about cleaning any of those hard to reach places throughout the month!

7. Do a general meal plan

What are the main meals you want to include into your day-to-day meals? You can plan things like having avocado toast on Mondays and Fridays, and oatmeal with strawberries on Tuesday’s and Thursdays for two weeks, or one week or the entire month. What are some great dinner recipes you want to create? A general meal plan does not need to be specific in the least, but it should be the backbones of your meals throughout the month.

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Home Activities to Stay Positive and Productive


Nothing helps you find peace of mind more than meditation. In our current distressing times, peace of mind is very hard to come by. But there are small ways we can make our time at home restful, positive and productive, and meditation is one of them. Meditation apps like Balance are very helpful and offer a full range of guided meditations, but every now and then taking a break to clear your mind and do some deep breathing will be very beneficial during these times.

Bullet journaling

Most of us have a lot more time on our hands now that we are home. Why don’t we use that time for something creative, and joyful. As I talk about in this post, creativity is almost essential for a great day. A bullet journal is something you can look back on and be proud of. Let all your hopes, dreams, and inner manifestations out into a journal, and get lost in the creative process.


Get your body moving and your spirit flowing! Yoga is a relaxing, beneficial way of exercise, and is perfect for any level. My favorite online yoga center is I have found many great free classes there. Just a little will help you rejuvenate your body and help your mind work better. Not just boosting your mind, yoga is stress relieving and very beneficial for your future self. They will thank you later when you add yoga to your routine!

Working outside

I love working outside because there is beautiful nature. But even if you live in an apartment in a city and you decide to work on the roof, you are boosting your mood and helping yourself be healthier. In these times we are getting way less outside time than normal. Being outside for your work time will allow you to get those mood boosts and nutrients that you would get without trying pre-quarantine. Go outside for at least one work session per day, or even week, and see your mood boost.

Going for a walk

Now is a great time to learn new things about the area we live in, and experience nature. Many people find amazing gems in there area that they never knew existed because they were always to on-the-go to appreciate their own area. Taking a walk is exercise, and for those of you who find working out boring, this is the form of exercise for you! (Along with yoga.) See knew things, and get your step count up.

Reading fantasy

I know that fantasy is not everyone’s favorite genre, but it sure is mine. There is something so amazing about experiencing a world that is not your own, especially in these times. I realize that Netflix could cover that, but there is nothing like reading an amazing book about an amazing world. Please, if you don’t know what to read, leave a comment! I have SO MANY suggestions. (Rangers Apprentice, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Ender’s Game, these are just the ones that came to me while writing this. The School of Good and Evil, these all are series with at least five books,) and so many more.

You might have noticed that Netflix and snacking were not on here. While treating yourself is important, they are not very helpful in staying productive. Don’t get caught up in bad habits that you get a simple rush from so you think they are positive. Thank you for reading!


The 5 best TedTalks to Completely Change Your Life

TedTalks cover so many topics, but in the self-improvement category, there are so many interesting ones. Below you will find the TedTalks that have changed my life the most, and I believe they will do the same for you.

The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz

Barry’s TedTalk points out something that I have never thought about before. His take on our modern world and all of our oppurtunities is very interesting, and everything he says can be used to be a happier healthier person. Overall he says that the more choices we have, the sadder and less satisfied we are. The key to happiness is to… well you will have to watch it to find out. πŸ˜‰

The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Anchor

This TedTalk is one of the most watched TedTalk of all time, and it is no surprise. Shawn Anchor spills a lot of beans on the secret to happiness and a successful career, while being hilarious. He says that while our whole society revolves around, “if I get this, then I’ll be happy,” when it should be, “I will be happy, and then I will get this.” I highly suggest this talk.

12 Truths I Learned from Life and Writing by Anne Lamott

This TedTalk is super insightful. Anne sat down right before her 61st birthday and decided to write down everything she knows for sure. These 12 truths dive deep into our world and ourselves and open up a whole new realm of thoughts and possibilities. Please watch it, and take notes! A lot of us could learn from a 60-year-old, who has had a lot of experience on this planet.

How to Make Work Life Balance Work by Nigel Marsh

This TedTalk deals (very hilariously) with an issue many of us face. The work life balance. Through many stories and jokes, Nigel tells us about what we can do to attain balance in life. It is all about the small things. This TedTalk is short and to the point, and reveals a very helpful truth.

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator by Tim Urban

This has got to be THE funniest and maybe the most helpful TedTalk I have ever watched. (Some on this list might beat it for helpfulness, but none beat it for humor and clarity.) Tim Urban uses hilarious drawings to illustrate an issue millions, maybe billions of us face on a daily basis. Procrastination. He speaks as a procrastinator, helping us through the issue. If there is one TedTalk you should watch on this list, it would be this one, especially for the procrastinators out there.

Please watch all of these TedTalks and use them to change your life! I love TedTalks and I highly suggest you watch even more than these. Thank you for reading!


How to Stop Planning and Start Doing

The problem with over-planning

Over-planning doesn’t lead to action

As over-planners, the cause behind our over-planning is the belief that the more planning we do, the more successful we will be. While there is a lining of truth in this, this situation is not how it usually turns out because over-planning doesn’t lead to action. There is a point where all our planning is no longer productive and we are just wasting time and brain space. At some point we just need to start, and even if it is too early, at least we started some action.

Over-planning doesn’t allow you to be flexible

The more you plan the more attached you will become to your plan. The more time you spend creating and recreating your plan, the more indignant you will be about changing your plan. Overall, the more you over-plan, the less flexible you will be able to be when something happens that makes you go off the plan.

How to stop over-planning

Track how you spend your time

The first step is to know if you are over-planning at all. When you sit down to plan anything, take note of how you are spending your time. If you notice days, weeks or longer zoom right by without you getting past the planning stage, than you are definitely over-planning.

Be intentional with what you consume

Let’s take the example of when I first wanted to create a blog. I looked up all there was about blogging. I signed up for every blogging mailing list I could, I read every (free) ebook I could, and basically consumed a crap ton of information. Now I am definitely glad I did prior research, and learned enough about blogging, but I was basically drowning in information. At some point you just need to stop consuming and start doing. You learn more from trial and error than any ebook.

Set deadlines

For a project such as starting a blog, there is no set time anyone is telling you that you need to have created your blog. This can lead to the easiest form of procrastinating, over-planning. Setting deadlines for yourself will ensure you only do what is necessary for each phase.

Break projects down

Breaking a big project into smaller pieces will be less overwhelming, allowing you to do less planning for each piece. Only do the planning for each specific piece so when all the pieces are planned you can get straight into the action.


11 Necessary Lists to Have for an Organized and Productive Life

1. Daily to-do list

This is the very basic to-do list. I’m sure many of us already have a basic to-do list. But your to-do list can end up inhibiting your productivity if you don’t include two key thing. Prioritizing, and the two minute rule. Sometimes it seems like your to-do list can stretch on for miles, and make you feel very overwhelmed. Prioritize the top three tasks you have to get done that day, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. For the two minute rule, anything that takes less than two minutes to do, just get it done. Reply to that email. Write that birthday card. Just get that all done.

2. Weekly to-do list

Your daily to-do lists aren’t doing anything for you if they are not leading to something. That is why you need a weekly to-do list for everything you need to get done in a week. You can split that up into seven days, and there you have it, the daily to-do lists that are actually getting you to your goals.

3. Goal lists (weekly, monthly, yearly)

But what goals? Don’t just have a huge yearly goal list, you need a plan to accomplish those goals. Split them up into bite-size chunks, by making a plan. To make this plan first split your yearly goals into twelve pieces which are your monthly goals. Then split each piece into four pieces, which are your weekly to-do lists. Now you have a plan for how to accomplish your large goals. Another option instead of a goal list is a goal journal. My favorite one is this amazing yearly goal tracking and achieving workbook.

4. Meal planning list

Keeping a running list of what your meals will be for the next 5-7 days is so helpful for staying organized. It ensures you know what groceries to buy, it ensures you know the nutrients you are getting and if you need more, and it prevents over eating because you will only have what you planned to eat in your fridge. Nothing more, nothing less. Just make sure you plan in desert. πŸ˜‰

5. Budget list

In staying organized, you definitely want to keep track of the money going in and out of your bank account. Bills, paychecks, anything. Even if you are like me and all you get is a small allowance, still keep track of your money. You never know what could come up in the future.

6. Spending list

This closely relates to the budget list, except it doesn’t include your bills and regular payments. This list is for your spending. Are you spending more money on Amazon than on food? That would be a great thing to know. Then you figure out ways to limit your Amazon spending and have more money to put into savings.

7. Running grocery list

Like a daily to-do list, a grocery list is pretty common. But all too often we find ourselves forgetting things we need to get. To solve this, I suggest putting your grocery list somewhere easily accessible, for example on your fridge, so whenever you think of something you can add it on. Then when it is time to go to the store, you can just grab your grocery list and head out.

8. Emails to send and emails to reply to

All too often we forget about those pesky emails we need to send, or those emails we just never got around to replying too. Well with this list, when you have some free time you can tear through the emails on that list, so there are no loose ends. I recommend keeping this list on your phone.

9. Books to read and shows to watch list

Who doesn’t want more entertainment. But seriously, in our day and age, new books and TV shows surround us. There is always more to watch and read. I suggest you keep this list on your phone, and add to it anytime a book or show interests you.

10. Accomplishment list

It is so easy to get swept up in what we haven’t done, or what we still have to do, that we often forget about how far we’ve come. Keep this list somewhere you will see it every day, and let it bring you motivation to get more things done.

11. Not to-do list

What is a not to-do list? Mine looks like this.

  1. Go on phone during work breaks
  2. Stay inside all day
  3. Worry about something in the far future
  4. Think about things I have no control over

It’s pretty short, but you get the idea. Also keep this list where you will see it, and let it guide you for a more productive and organized day.

Thank you for reading!


8 Toxic Habits You Need to Quit Right Now

1. Comparing yourself

Our society is built on comparison. From social media where people only show the amazing moments in their life to make others feel bad about their own life, to people getting jealous after not having the newest phone or the most expensive bag. But comparison tears down your confidence in ways that will impact you deeply in the future. Comparison should only be used in one way, to build up your confidence. The way to do this is to only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday, last week, last month, last year…

2. Checking your phone as soon as you wake up

This toxic habit is way more influential than you think. Checking your phone as soon as you get up can pretty much ruin your day. It makes you cranky, it makes you less productive, but worst of all, it makes sure that you are thinking about other people instead of yourself, right when you should be focusing on your own wellbeing. The morning. The morning is for you, it is where you chose how you set up your day. Don’t let it go to waste by focusing on other people’s lives through social media.

3. Not letting go of the past

This is a toxic habit I am still struggling to let go of. If we are always holding onto the past, it can affect our present. The mindset of our worst moments in the past that we relive over and over again in our head can seep into our thoughts, actions, and hopes in the present. The past is the past, the present is the present, and the future is the future. We need to let go of the past, be in the present, and hope for the future.

4. Burning out

This toxic habit can ruin all aspects of our life. Has there been any moments in your life where you have wan’t to do everything, all at once? Raise your hand. *Raises hand.* These thoughts and feelings our totally normal in our get stuff done world, where it is too easy to always be wanting to get stuff done. But too much of this leads to burn out and exhaustion. Make sure to eat, breathe, sleep, exercise, get outside, get off your devices, and take breaks when you need them.

5. Getting no sleep

You might feel that sacrificing a good night’s sleep to get more work done or watch more episodes of your show is a good idea, but that is not the case. Anything you can do at 2 a.m can be done way faster and better in the morning. When you stay up late and don’t sleep, you are sacrificing a whole day of productivity ahead of you. If you have a deadline and you need to work at 2 a.m, so be it, but if not wait for the morning or whenever you work best to get it done.

6. Not drinking any water

If you are anything life me, drinking an excellent amount of water at school can be hard. Now that it is summer + online learning, drinking water should be much easier. Check out the 17 benefits of drinking more water here, to build your motivation. My number one tip for how to drink more water is to make it interesting. Get some aesthetic mason jars and metal straws, cut up some fruit to add flavor, do whatever it takes to make yourself excited to drink water. Or build a routine. Every two hours I will fill my water bottle. After I go outside, I will fill my water bottle. Make it interesting, and/or make it a routine.

7. Not believing in yourself

How can you do anything in life if you don’t believe in yourself? Something i’ve noticed about believing in yourself is that it is easier when you have accomplished something. You feel confident after you have accomplished something, and that confidence is exactly what you need to have belief. If you want to believe in yourself more, find more instances in your life where you can have confidence.

8. Being surrounded by toxic people

You might feel guilty cutting people out of your life, I know I do. But when you look back on it a month, a year, five years from now, you will see how much cutting out toxic people benefited you and you will say wow, thank god those people are out of my life, they were only dragging me down.

Thank you for reading!


How To Have an Amazing Study Session Early in the Morning

Every student wants to be able to get as much done in the morning as possible. If you get everything off of your to-do list by say 12 p.m, you have an entire day of freedom! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Alas for a lot of us, it is not that easy. Sometimes it is very hard to get started in the morning, when you are still groggy and half asleep. Even though our willpower is pretty high, it doesn’t feel like that. Follow the plan below to be able to get everything done by 12 p.m!

The night before:

Clean your study space

There is nothing less motivating than a messy study space. When you get up and you see a space that needs to be cleaned and set up, all so you can study, there is a very small chance you will be able to study anytime that day. If you clean your space the night before and build a habit of it, you will always be able to get straight into studying in the morning while your willpower is high. If you have done nothing before you start studying that will take your willpower such as clearing your space, you will be able to get right in!

Make a study plan

What are your top priorities for your study session? How long will your session last? Will you take breaks? What are the methods you are going to use to study? What are the goals for your study session? I know it may seem like I am taking this overboard, after all, it’s only one session, right? But every session matters. If you answer all of these questions to create a great study plan, then your study session can be super valuable.

Get a good nights sleep

If your brain is still tired and woozy when you try to sit down and study, no clean space or study plan will fix that. The only way to fix that is to get more sleep. Getting enough sleep is super important overall for students. Click here to learn about the benefits of enough sleep and how to make sure you are getting enough sleep.

In the morning:

Don’t hit snooze

Right when you get up you need to get straight out of bed. Don’t think about it, just get out of bed, and make your bed. Hitting snooze and getting ten more minutes of sleep doesn’t actually give you more energy, it just wastes time, and makes you moody because you will eventually have to get up. Force a smile on your face, and just get right out of bed.

Do something that will boost your mood

For me, this means meditation, yoga, or journaling. For you, it could mean anything. You definitely do not want to study if you are feeling sad and angry. Do something you know will boost your mood, such as reading or having some tea. One thing I feel I need to point out is that when I say do something that boosts your mood, that is not an excuse to go onto YouTube, Netflix, TikTok, or anything else that will distract you. Social media or any online distraction does not boost your mood. Try to stay away from those when you are boosting your mood.

Check your plan

Remember that plan you wrote the night before? Well, it is useless if you don’t remember and use it. Check it over before you begin studying. I don’t recommend it, but if there is something that came to you at night that you need to study for, you can add it to your plan. Just try to not change your plan too much. Set it up somewhere you will see it while you study, to make sure you will follow it. Be strict on yourself, because that plan was created by someone that had your future self in mind, not this “I actually have to study” person.

Set a timer

Don’t just work endlessly, or even till “everything is done,” because everything will never be done. Set a timer for the amount of time you are going to study for. I recommend 25 minutes at a time. That is called the Pomodoro technique, and it is very widely used for productivity. Do 25 minutes of work, then take a five-minute break. You can repeat that cycle as many times as you want, but make sure that every four cycles you take a longer, 15-20 minute break.


You got this!


11 Simple and Easy Ways To Make Your Day the Best Day Yet

Everyone wants to have a great day.

Write what you are grateful for in the morning

Gratefulness sets an amazing tone for the day. It gives off an amazing vibe, that makes you feel light and excited, ready to start your day and enjoy every part of it. The best place to put your gratefulness is in a journal, and I spill all the beans on gratefulness and journaling here.

Do a self care activity

A self care activity a day keeps the doctor away. πŸ™‚ But seriously. You can’t develop true relationships with anyone unless you have a deep and connected relationship with yourself. The way to build a self relationship is self care. A bath bomb, paint your nails, if you want some easy self care idea’s, check this post out. The rest of your day will be easier because your body and soul will feel well cared for.

Go outside and move your body

Get some exercise girl! Build up a sweat, feel strong. Exercise is respecting your body. You don’t have to do a Pamela Reif workout, a quick ten minute walk or yoga is great too. OUTSIDE. Get that vitamin D. Not to mention just being outside makes you feel lighter and happier. And so does exercise! Getting outside and moving your body is like the ultimate mood booster. Way more than YouTube and ice cream.

Make some tea and read a book

Reading is the best way to learn new things in my opinion. There is so much you can learn even from a fantasy book. You also get lost in a world that’s not your own. Sometimes thats what we need in these times. Any type of book that interests you. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, historical, read anything. Tea is a great way to calm your nerves, and to get some extra water in throughout your day. (Drink your water people!)

Create something, anything

Most people in first world countries are mainly consumers. They consume tv shows, video games, YouTube videos and more. Take some time to create. Create a painting, take some photos, write a funny play, even just dance to your favorite song. Dancing is creating. Sing a song, and sing it your way. Make up a yoga practice. Anything where you are creating. Creating gives us such joy, it’s a wonder we are all not creating all the time.

Get one thing done that gets you closer to your goals

Just one thing. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, eat one healthy meal, or do one workout. Have that satisfaction of being this much closer to your goal. Every day can matter. Make sure it does. If at the end of the day that one thing you got done was the only thing you did, your day was not a waste. Do not let any day be a waste.

Organize someplace in your house

Organization is key to a productive fulfilled day. Organization can be as small as making your bed, or it could be as large as doing your spring cleaning. Something you can do every day is make your bed. Studies have shown that people who make their beds in the morning are more productive throughout the day. So start small, so your day can go right.

Take some deep breathes

When I say deep breathes, I actually mean meditation. But the basis of the basic meditation is deep breathing. Every morning I make sure to take at least ten deep breaths, sitting in a relaxed upright position, even on my busiest days. You can read more about my morning routine here. The minimum is at some point during the day, take a couple of deep breaths to reset your mind. If you want to go all-in, sit down, and do as many minutes as you want of meditation.

Have some social interaction that makes you smile

Right now, social interaction is hard to come by. But humans are not made to be in isolation. Some ways you can get social interaction are to call a friend, go on a social distance walk, face time someone, meet up and do something social distant. Getting some social interaction that will make you smile just makes your day so much better.

Get off your technology for one hour

Take one hour per day to be in the present. Only one hour, continuously. Not your five-minute breaks that will add up to an hour, one continuous hour of being present in your life. Some ideas are reading, doing yoga, exercising, going for a walk, having your social interaction, or doing any of the other tasks on this list that are not online.

Do something you have never done before

Do something you have never done, experienced something you will never experience again, see something new. Make every day an adventure. Go a different route on your walk, get up an hour earlier, or two hours, or more to see the sunrise. Go to the beach to see the sunset. It is too easy to let the days pass you by when everyday includes the same activities. Do something new, every day. Small or large, make every day a learning experience.

Thank you for reading! To make sure you are able to come back to this post any time you need, pin it! Also make sure to check out my instagram, and email me at πŸ˜‰