99 Affirmations for Success, Motivation and Improving Your Mindset + How to Use Them

How to use affirmations

  1. Take three deep breathes, breathing in long, and breathing out long
  2. Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself right in the eyes
  3. Say your affirmation or list of affirmations (Hint: I suggest 3-5) slowly and clearly, enunciating every word
  4. Repeat the affirmation or list of affirmations around 3-5 times
  5. Internalize and focus on the meaning of each word, and the whole affirmation
  6. Think about what the affirmation means to you and for you

Affirmations for success

  1. I am successful.
  2. I am a magnet for success.
  3. Love, health and success are attracted to me.
  4. I have unstoppable confidence within me.
  5. Life just feels great all of the time.
  6. There is always a way if I am committed.
  7. I am so excited because all of my dreams are coming true.
  8. Great things always seem to come my way.
  9. I am a naturally happy person.
  10. I am a naturally confident person.
  11. Opportunities just seem to fall right into my lap.
  12. I am full of energy and life.
  13. I am a good person who deserves success and happiness.
  14. I love myself for who I am.
  15. Everything always works out for me.
  16. I am highly motivated and productive.
  17. It doesn’t matter what others think of me, for I know who I am.
  18. I am a center for positivity, joy and love.
  19. I am incredibly grateful for all of my success.
  20. I use positive thinking to manifest a positive life.
  21. I choose to think positive and create a wonderful life for myself.
  22. I find it easy to succeed at everything I do.
  23. People look at me and wonder how I so naturally attract success.
  24. I think BIG.
  25. I act fearlessly.
  26. The universe always provides for me.
  27. I am so happy and grateful for my life.
  28. Things have a way of working themselves out.
  29. I have such an amazing life.
  30. I am so lucky.  Life is rigged in my favor.
  31. I love who I am and I love my life.
  32. My goals and dreams always come true.
  33. I am passionate about constantly being better and more successful.

Affirmations for your mindset

  1. I have the power to control my thoughts
  2. I allow myself to be who I am without judgment
  3. I am confident I can achieve any goal
  4. I choose to be happy right now
  5. I am letting go of all negativity
  6. I welcome positivity every day
  7. I am good enough
  8. I have the power to change my story
  9. I know my worth
  10. I can do anything I put my mind to
  11. I am capable of great things
  12. I love myself as I am
  13. I am letting go of doubt and fear
  14. I trust in my abilities
  15. I am prepared for and welcome new challenges
  16. I am loveable
  17. I am capable
  18. I am strong and confident
  19. I am grateful for my life
  20. I am proud of myself
  21. With every breath, I exhale fear
  22. I believe in myself
  23. I am worthy of my own love
  24. I am at peace with myself
  25. I deserve to feel good about myself
  26. I am becoming the best version of myself
  27. I am talented
  28. My talent is worthy of value
  29. I am living the life of my dreams
  30. I deserve happiness
  31. I attract abundance
  32. I choose to be happy today
  33. I am intelligent

Affirmations for motivation

  1. I am in the process of positive change.
  2. I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.
  3. I know that I am already successful.
  4. My day begins and ends with gratitude.
  5. I am healthy, whole, and complete.
  6. I release all negative thoughts of the past and all worries about the future.
  7. My life gets better all the time.
  8. I am constantly discovering new ways to improve my health.
  9. I trust the Universe to help me see the good in everything and in everyone.
  10. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  11. I trust the process of life.
  12. I don’t sweat the small stuff.
  13. I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.
  14. I am enough.
  15. I have the power to create change.
  16. I let go of all that no longer serves me.
  17. I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.
  18. My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.
  19. I am full of creative energy and new ideas.
  20. I can overcome any challenge I face.
  21. I feel joy and contentment in this moment.
  22. I feel happy and enthusiastic about life.
  23. Every day in every way, I am becoming more and more successful
  24. I know exactly what I need to do to achieve success.
  25. I fully accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.
  26. I am whole.
  27. I fill my mind with positive and nourishing thoughts.
  28. I am grounded in the experience of the present moment.
  29. I am focused and engaged in the task at hand.
  30. I accept and embrace all experiences, even unpleasant ones.
  31. I observe my emotions without becoming attached to them.
  32. Every day I am more and more at ease.
  33. I am calm, happy, and content.
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