How to Overcome Negative Thinking and Learn to be Positive

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Learn to say no

Say no to negative thoughts. The longer you allow them to rot into your brain, the harder it will be t get rid of them. Even if you are reading this post a relatively short time after the negative thoughts have entered your brain, it is nearly impossible to get rid of your bad habits. You have to replace your bad habits with better habits. You also have to say no to everything that makes you sad, angry, or depressed. This may seem like an obvious, but really think about it. Are there any friends, hobbies, activities that just aren’t making you happy? If there are, you have the right to say no to them. Don’t let any fears, failure, disappointment, keep you from letting go of what is keeping your thoughts negative.

Find the good, it is always there

Just like bad things seem to always be there, good things are too. Our brains are wired to look out for threats in our world, so we tend to only see the negatives. It is completely possible to train your brain to see the positives in our world, and that is the purpose of the next three points. Over time as you learn to automatically see and find the good in your world, you will be a more positive person, and those bad thoughts that are responding to your environment will leave.

Assume the best

Did you know that our brains are hardwired to fill in the gaps of what we know about someone with assumptions based on our experiences? Thats a lot. Basically, if you have spent your entire life hanging out with cheaters and backstabbers, if you don’t know that much about someone you are going to assume that they are a cheater and a backstabber. This is a habit that you have to break because one, we live in a world where not everyone is a cheater and two, this is a great way to ruin relationships. Trust me I know. Think about someone and truly try to get to know them before you make assumptions. Or make good assumptions! You will start to see the positives in everyone, which will make you a more positive person.


Being grateful trains your brain to be more happy and positive, as talked about in Shawn Achor’s Ted Talk, The Happy Secret to Better Work. Shawn talks about how if you just write three things you are grateful for for twenty one days, you will begin to notice the good in the world instead of the bad. I highly suggest this gratitude journal, because it will help you develop a mindset of gratitude, and help you stay positive.


What is an affirmation? The dictionary term of an affirmation is, “the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.” The way we use affirmations basically means a statement that we repeat to reinforce a mindset or a belief. A simple affirmation could be “I am beautiful,” or “I love myself.” Using affirmations is a ver effective way to turn your mindset from negative to positive. Some affirmations are “I see good in the world and I embody that good.” “I am going to breathe out the negativity and breathe in the positivity.” Choose your affirmations, and say them everyday. You will notice a mindset change. Tell me what affirmations you like to use, and how they have changed your life?

Surround yourself with positivity

Do you ever joke about having “toxic friends,” or you feel you have them? This is causing a lot of negativity in your life. You might believe that you HAVE to keep them, or you just couldn’t let them go. You need to ask yourself if whatever reason they are still your friend is worth your positivity and glow. Along with getting rid of toxic people, try to make your life more positive. Fill your room with positive vibes, and fill your social media with the positive. Spread love and joy in the world. Tell me in the comments how you help the world?

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