10 Best Daily Journal Prompts for Inner Growth

Journaling is a beautiful way to improve yourself. See what you have accomplished, and learn how to keep improving. Sticking to specific daily prompts can really make sure you are creating a future for yourself that you love.


Why do we journal in the morning?

We journal in the morning to set the tone for the day. We do this by making sure each day has a purpose, and a goal. The guiding questions below are basically perfect for creating a goal and a purpose for your day.

What is your daily intention?

How should the flow of your day go? What is the intention or purpose?

What will you focus on today to manifest the perfect outcome?

Remember, what you focus on is what manifests in your life. Focus on the positive, the beauty in your life.

What actions can you do today to manifest your desired outcome?

Action, along with focus, is the most important part of manifestation. What actions can you concretely do too manifest your desired outcome?

What will you do for yourself today, to improve yourself and also stay happy?

For this question, it is mainly focused on self care. What activities will you do to improve yourself and learn, while taking care of your body and mind.


Why do we journal at night?

We journal at night to release ourselves from the daily pressures, so we can get a better sleep and focus on tomorrow. It is a time for reflection and preparation. The guiding questions below are perfect for these journaling goals.

What was your favorite thing you did today?

How can you make sure tomorrow is even better?

For this question, think about the times during your day when you felt sad, alone, scared, or basically any negative emotion. What could you have done in the moment to turn it around?

What have you been overthinking? How can you release that pressure?

This will allow you to sleep better, and it will help you manifest your ideal next day. By getting things off your chest you are releasing low vibration thoughts, and making way for higher vibration thouhts.

What are you feeling grateful for?

Always remember to be grateful for everything you have.

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The Easiest Ways To Self Care With No Effort

Do you ever feel like having a self care day, but don’t want to actually take the time to make it happen? I do too! It is completely okay. That is why I am going to show my favorite self care ideas that do not require any effort, besides a little concentration.


All that meditation requires is some concentration, which is amazing because it is one of the most life changing habits, suggested by experts, billionaires and celebs all around the world. You might think i’m exaggerating, but i’m not. Look it up. 🙂 Sit down for 5-20 minutes, and relax your mind. I enjoy meditating very much and do it for around ten minutes morning and night. Meditation gives you peace of mind, which is such a powerful thing to have, especially on a self care day. I also enjoy meditation as a hobby, and you can learn how to make a hobby and a passion here.

Related: My favorite meditation book, a complete guide, and teaching you how you can trasform your life with only 10 minutes a day. Find The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness, here.

Sunbathing and resting

Do you ever just want to feel the sun rays on your back, and relax into that pure joy feeling of sun? If so, good for you! If not, try it out. Sunbathing will not only give you a nice tan, if you get enough sun during the day, you will fall asleep easier at night. If you want other ways to fall asleep easier, check out this post. I personally like to go outside, lay on my yoga mat, and just rest. It is so peaceful, especially if you hear the birds chirping or listen to calming music.

Making a nice meal

If you re anything like me, and you don’t have to be, then you are not a fan of cooking. But on a lazy self care day making a nice meal will not only make you happier, it will give you good food to eat, make you feel accomplished, and start your culinary path. Your nice meal doesn’t have to be huge, just something filling. I like making avocado toast with a fried egg on top with some Ichimi Togarashi (a spice.) I also like some cut fruit on the side. This is a simple, super filling, enjoyable meal that requires very few ingredients and is very quick to make. Would anyone want to see a How-To video on this meal?

Going for a calm walk

A walk is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, while letting out that pent up energy. I like to listen to some nice music while I walk, or sometimes when I am feeling very productive I listen to a podcast or TedTalk. A calm walk should be alone, not a walk with friends or a walk to get out your anger. A walk to center your thoughts, and enjoy nature. I go on my calming walk in flip flops wearing my pjs. This doesn’t have to be a workout. It is basically therapy.

Listening to music and dancing

I LOVE listening to music and dancing. I love this way of getting my energy out, and I love expressing myself though dance. Start with a little shimmy, and just get into your grind. I actually find dancing a great way to work through my emotions through movement. I highly suggest this. The reason I am mainly telling you about my experience with dancing is because this is a unique and different experience for everyone. What might help someone might not help someone else.

Drinking tea and reading

This is a great way to improve your mind and get a calming reset. love reading self improvement books, so for example productivity for teens, how to find motivation, self-discipline: the guide and so many more. I also love drinking tea because it is such a calming experience, and it is also a great detox! Get a book, make your tea, sit down anywhere and start reading!

My reading list:

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear
  2. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  3. How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Future Benjamin P. Hardy
  4. The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read by Andrew Kap
  5. Practical Law of Attraction by Victoria Gallagher
  6. GOALS! by Brian Tracy
  7. Mindfulness for Stress Management by Dr. Robert Schachter
  8. A Teens Guide to Getting Stuff Done by Jennifer Shannon

At the end of your self care day, I suggest you look at some positive social media accounts. For example my Pinterest and Instagram both named Sadelles Healthy Lifestyle. I promise you won’t regret it and it will take so little time. Also if you have any questions or just want to talk you can email me at I enjoy hearing from you all!


7 Easy Steps to Developing a Healthy Habit

1. Clearly decide on a habit you want to create

If you want something to become a habit for you, there can be no fluctuation. Basically, you can’t change your habit half way through. Take a minute, and think about your own limits and expectations. Make sure your habit is reachable but also fulfilling. A habit I am using these steps for right now to create is I want to get up at 6 a.m. I think this will take me a week to make a habit, and it will definitely be hard. I know this habit is right for me because I have thought about how much more time I would have to be productive. Think of what you are getting out of your habit.

2. Never allow exceptions

No cheat days, no breaks. The goal with a habit is that you won’t want a cheat day or a break. So taking a cheat day or a break will tell your brain that this is something bad, that you don’t want to do, so it will be way harder to convince your brain to do it on it’s own. Also, taking one cheat day or break will tell YOU that it’s fine to take a break or cheat day, as long as you keep going. Bt you are not creating a habit. You are just getting up at six a.m. They are not the same thing. You want your body to want to wake up at 6 a.m. Or at least expect it.

3. Let others know about your goal, and keep track of it

Tell your friends, tell your family. It’s amazing how much more motivated and determined you will be if you know that people are watching you, to see if you have the willpower to pull through and create that habit you so desperately want. They will keep on track, and will support you. Also, a great place to keep track of your goal or goals is a bullet journal. I have a whole post about how to use one here.

4. Visualize yourself enacting your habit

Visualization is one of the most important tools, ever. Your brain does not know the difference between dreams and reality. If you visualize what you want to happen, there is a way bigger chance of it coming true. For example lets take my habit-in-progress, getting up at six a.m. I am going to relax my body, and imagine getting up at six a.m. I will imagine how it will feel. I will be tired, but excited at all the extra time. I will feel more productive and ready to get things done. I then imagine what I will do with this extra hour. Some yoga, write another post, get some homework done. Visualize all of it, and keep that vision in your head.

5. Create affirmations for your habit

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a statement, that you repeat over and over until you believe it. For example, an affirmation I repeat every night and morning is, I love my body and my mind. I usually repeat this affirmation around five times. An affirmation for a habit could look like, I am going to wake up right before my alarm clock goes off feeling refreshed. If you make an affirmation for your habit, and repeat it at the optimal times of he day, you will start to see what you say is becoming your reality.

6. Persist until it is automatic

This step is all about dedication, willpower, and discipline. Just keep enacting your habit, and focus on having the thoughts and feelings you would have if you had this habit. Always keep pushing. Find strategies that you can use to create your habit. For example, I have looked up how to wake up earlier, and enacted those tips and strategies. Use outside sources.

7. Reward yourself!

Give yourself a reward for enacting that behavior or habit. When you are giving yourself a reward, you are creating positive connections in your brain with the habit. This is opposite of what happens when you take a break or have a cheat day. You are reinforcing positive connections in your brain with the action, instead of negative ones. You can find many great rewards here.


The 7 Best Hacks That Will Start Your Day Early and Refreshed

9 Productive Tasks You Need to do Before 8 a.m

Drink a glass of water first thing

Drinking some water revitalizes your entire body. It lets your brain and your soul know that its time to get up. Get out of bed, and drink some water. Drinking water in the morning will also train your brain, and you will be drinking more water throughout the day! If you want to learn why this is so important, you can find that in this post. This is such a great habit for you out there with acne. Find more easy tips for acne here.

Plan your morning the evening before

Take just ten minutes in the evening to plan out your morning. I have a schedule that I love using every morning, but I know people who like to make a different morning schedule every evening. Put out your clothes, plan your breakfast, plan out anything productive you want to do in the morning. Doing all of this will make your mornings so much easier. Especially if you put a fun activity into your schedule or a self-care item. Having the time to do something for yourself in the morning and not have to rush is one of the greatest feelings in the world. A great way to plan your morning, and see all your previous schedules is a bullet journal.

Stop hitting snooze and go wash your face

Believe it or not, hitting snooze and getting 10 minutes of rest doesn’t get you anything. Meanwhile, you could be meditating, getting some exercise, or making your To-Do list. You get no real rest from those ten minutes. Force yourself, get out of bed, put a smile on, and go splash some water on your face. This will immediately wake you up, and you will mysteriously not want to go back to bed! Wow! Washing your face is both great for your skin, and a great way to start your morning.

1 to 20 rule

You might be wondering, what is this rule? I’ve never heard of it. Well, the 1 to 20 rule means don’t go on your phone 1 hour before bed, or twenty minutes after getting up. I’m even stretching it a little because I know that it is really hard to stay off your phone. I find that I am always making excuses for why I need to check my phone. Does my friend need the google meet link for class? Do I have any DMS I have to respond to? Trust me, I know that feeling. The way to combat this is by coming up with another productive task to do instead. For example, I like to add to my vision board in the morning. Or meditate, or make my To-Do list, or make a healthy breakfast. These are all great productive tasks to do in the morning.

Get some quick exercise

Do some jumping jacks, or burpees, and then always stretch or do some quick yoga. Exercising in the morning stimulates your muscles, and gets you sweating. You will feel way more refreshed if you get your body moving. Sleep is like paralysis. To fully wake up and get your day started, you need to come out of that paralysis and get your body moving. Not to mention exercise releases endorphins, and who would want to give up some extra endorphins? If you just can’t find the motivation to roll out of bed and workout, find great motivation in this post!

Eat a healthy breakfast!

Food is fuel, and in the morning you can use all the fuel you can find. A quick healthy breakfast idea I love is avocado toast with a fried egg on top. YUM! Breakfast gives you the much-needed nutrients you need in the morning. It’s called breakfast because you are quite literally breaking the fast you go through when you sleep. Give your body that boost and take some time to make a nice breakfast. Making a fun great breakfast is a great form of self-care.

Go outside and get in nature

Feeling the sun on your face, seeing the flowers blooming, okay. Maybe this isn’t the case all the time, but research shows that being outside can help you wake up and jumpstart your day. Not to mention it calms you down and can relieve your worries. I love meditating outside in the morning, it really gets me ready for the day, and lets me breathe the fresh air. Maybe do your quick workout out there, or eat out there.


How Can You Control Your Acne Without Products?

Acne is a huge pain in the butt, especially for teens. While you are growing up you get pimples, that’s the deal. But there are ways to contain your pimples without any fancy products. I’m going to show you them here.

Eat Healthy

Food is about 25% of the picture when it comes to acne. Eating healthier means healthier skin. But not just in general. There are different food recommendations for different skin types. For especially acne-prone skin I recommend eating low-fat whole food. If you find it hard to stay on track with the right foods while eating, I have a whole post about that here.

Get more sleep

Sleep is nourishment for your whole body including your skin. If you do not get enough sleep your skin will be dry, because the cells aren’t getting the nourishment they need from your cells while you sleep. This is another importance of sleep. If you want to know how sleep can improve your lifestyle you can find that here. Also, not getting enough sleep means your skin is unbalanced, so you are more likely to experience breakouts and redness. To sum all of this up, getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, while hard for teenagers, will drastically improve your skin. Click to this post to learn how to create you personalized sleep schedule.

Stress less

Too much stress in your life can cause major breakouts, and breakdowns if you are anything like me. I try to avoid too much stress whenever I can, and doing that has made my skin so much more glowy, lifted, and just so much nicer. When you get stressed, your brow and lips scrunch up, and that leads to wrinkles. I don’t know about you but I always found Mondays really stressful. I was able to be way calmer on Mondays because of these tactics.

Drink more water

Drinking more water helps your skin because it flushes out toxins in your body. This gives you glowing beautiful skin. Also, drinking more water reduces puffiness, because your body is no longer storing water to protect you from dehydration. You have always wanted smaller pores right? Well drinking more water can help you get them. Drinking a lot of water balances out the oil at the top of your skin which will give you the appearance of smaller pores. If you want to learn about more benefits of drinking water, you can find that here.

Protect yourself from the sun

This doesn’t mean you have to stay inside all the time. This just means that you should at least wear sunscreen and maybe a hat. Sun is a main cause of wrinkles and older looking skin. I suggest putting sunscreen on everyday, even when it is cloudy out. You don’t have to go overboard, but protecting your face from the suns unforgiving rays will go a long way in the long run towards getting and keeping that young fresh skin.

Email me at or check out my Instagram at sadelle’s healthy lifestyle! I also have a great Pinterest, with all of the healthy lifestyle tips you will ever need right at your fingertips.


The Benefits of Clearing Your Mind and How to Do It

I am sure we have all felt stress in our lives. It’s impossible to have not. But often stress gets to a level where it is no longer reasonable or productive. At this point, you might notice that all that is happening with your stress is that the same thoughts are going round and round in your head. This is called rumination. The way to stop ruminating may be easier than you think. All you have to do is clear your mind. The reasons to clear your mind are far more numerous than just no thoughts swirling around in your head.

The benefits of clearing your mind

Improved rest

When your mind is cluttered with useless tasks you have to get done it is harder to rest. Both in your bed trying to sleep, and during your “gray time” during the day. Ruminating delays the time where you stop stressing about work or school and start to relax. When you stop ruminating and clear your mind, your rest will improve all together.

Improved creativity

When you ruminate you are less likely to have a problem-solving mindset. This means if you are ruminating you are more likely to “take your work home with you.” You will not be able to see solutions, and are not able to see the problem in front of you, and are stuck with your own worries. If you are able to stop ruminating you will be better at solving problems and will have more room in your mind for creative thinking.

How to clear your mind


Meditating is a great way to refocus your brain and clear it of any annoying lingering thoughts. You just find a quiet place and relax. Observe the thoughts that are causing you stress and let them go. This might not make much sense, or be easy, (it was definitely not easy for me!) but a great way to start is just focusing on your breathing. Your thoughts will come floating out to you, and if you just focus on your breathing you can observe those thoughts, without becoming attached.

Create mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness in simple terms is being completely focused on one activity. This is a great option for busy people, because you do not have to stop all activity like meditation, and can be productive while clearing your mind. Completing one task using mindfulness can be very restorative, and very productive. Focus all your energy and thought into that one task, and get it done.

Expressive writing

If your mind is full of stressful thoughts, then a great way to get them out is by writing them down. I particularly like writing my thoughts down because while I find meditating insanely useful its easier for me to identify the root of my stress if I write my thoughts out. A great place to write your thoughts out is a bullet journal. A whole post about bullet journals can be found here.

Distract yourself!

Sometimes all you can do is distract yourself. Go workout, if you want motivation you can find it here. Or find a hobby! Hobbies are so great to better yourself and learn new skills and clear your mind. I have a post all about how to find the hobby right for you here. You could also do something that will make you smile. I personally love to put on a face mask and drink some tea. If you don’t have tea, drink some hot lemon water! It’s so calming and a great detox.