5 Easy Tasks to Do on a Sunday to Have a Relaxed Amazing Week

1. Make a plan

Making a plan is so great for being relaxed during the week. When I am making my plan, I like to include meal plans for breakfast and lunch. Those are the meals I can control. My mom cooks dinner for the family so it is my mom’s responsibility to make our dinners healthy. Planning out your outfits can save you a lot of stress in the morning. I also like to plan for each day what workout I will do, when I will stretch and what I will do for my blog. Specific tasks like those I would also suggest you plan out. A great place to plan everything out is a bullet journal, and you can find all about why and how to write them here.

2. Do some self-care

Self-care is the best for feeling relaxed during the week. A simple face mask or bath bomb will leave you feeling refreshed, at least for Monday when you’ll need it. Self-care can also just be some tea, a book, or cuddle time. I have a lot of fun self-care ideas on my Pinterest.

3. Weekly house cleaning

You will be way more focused during the week if you have a clean house. You don’t have to do a full spring cleaning, but picking everything off the floor will go a long way for your weekly mental health. I suggest putting everything where it goes, and sweeping. Cleaning also doesn’t have to be a chore or a drag. Listen to some music! Have a cleaning dance party! Before you know it, on Monday you will actually be able to find your textbook or computer!

4. Exercise, (Hint: Yoga, jog)

Doing a little exercise will be great for your mental health during the week. Especially during quarantine, when getting exercise is definitely harder, it is great to plan a jog or yoga flow into your busy Sunday schedule. You will be getting stronger, and feel a little more mobile during the week. If you are having trouble finding motivation, check this out.

5. Go to bed early

I know that Sunday is your last weekend day and you want to enjoy it. I get that, I understand that. But it is also the night before you have school, or work. Going to bed earlier means you will have less stress laying in bed, because you will get enough sleep. You will also be able to get up earlier, meaning you will have a less stressful morning. Going to bed early on Sunday also might set the tone for the rest of the week. Going to bed early is also so helpful to a healthy lifestyle. Check out more tips for a healthy lifestyle here. Try to go to bed early everyday that week. EVERYDAY. Put it in your plan. (See number one.)

Check out my Pinterest! If you have any questions for me, email me at, or just want a personalized opinion on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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