The Benefits of Clearing Your Mind and How to Do It

I am sure we have all felt stress in our lives. It’s impossible to have not. But often stress gets to a level where it is no longer reasonable or productive. At this point, you might notice that all that is happening with your stress is that the same thoughts are going round and round in your head. This is called rumination. The way to stop ruminating may be easier than you think. All you have to do is clear your mind. The reasons to clear your mind are far more numerous than just no thoughts swirling around in your head.

The benefits of clearing your mind

Improved rest

When your mind is cluttered with useless tasks you have to get done it is harder to rest. Both in your bed trying to sleep, and during your “gray time” during the day. Ruminating delays the time where you stop stressing about work or school and start to relax. When you stop ruminating and clear your mind, your rest will improve all together.

Improved creativity

When you ruminate you are less likely to have a problem-solving mindset. This means if you are ruminating you are more likely to “take your work home with you.” You will not be able to see solutions, and are not able to see the problem in front of you, and are stuck with your own worries. If you are able to stop ruminating you will be better at solving problems and will have more room in your mind for creative thinking.

How to clear your mind


Meditating is a great way to refocus your brain and clear it of any annoying lingering thoughts. You just find a quiet place and relax. Observe the thoughts that are causing you stress and let them go. This might not make much sense, or be easy, (it was definitely not easy for me!) but a great way to start is just focusing on your breathing. Your thoughts will come floating out to you, and if you just focus on your breathing you can observe those thoughts, without becoming attached.

Create mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness in simple terms is being completely focused on one activity. This is a great option for busy people, because you do not have to stop all activity like meditation, and can be productive while clearing your mind. Completing one task using mindfulness can be very restorative, and very productive. Focus all your energy and thought into that one task, and get it done.

Expressive writing

If your mind is full of stressful thoughts, then a great way to get them out is by writing them down. I particularly like writing my thoughts down because while I find meditating insanely useful its easier for me to identify the root of my stress if I write my thoughts out. A great place to write your thoughts out is a bullet journal. A whole post about bullet journals can be found here.

Distract yourself!

Sometimes all you can do is distract yourself. Go workout, if you want motivation you can find it here. Or find a hobby! Hobbies are so great to better yourself and learn new skills and clear your mind. I have a post all about how to find the hobby right for you here. You could also do something that will make you smile. I personally love to put on a face mask and drink some tea. If you don’t have tea, drink some hot lemon water! It’s so calming and a great detox.

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