How to Improve Your Lifestyle So You Feel In Control of Your Life

In our world right now there are many reasons that you might not have as much control over your life as you want. You might be around my age, where our lives are dictated by our parents. You want to improve your lifestyle but don’t know-how with your parents doing the shopping, and planning what you do and what you eat. Or you might be older, having to pick from a limited stock what groceries to buy. Everyone can improve their lifestyle, no matter your age.

1. Go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier

I know this may seem heard, I know I find that it is, but on the days that I am able it feels so good to just have twenty more minutes in the morning to make myself some tea or do some journaling. Even getting up early to watch TikToks is a start! There are many benefits to your body from waking up earlier. Click to this post to learn how to create the perfect sleep schedule.

  • You are more rested
  • More organized
  • More energized
  • You have an uninterrupted productive time!
  • More time to make yourself breakfast (Hint: Breakfast is SUPER important! Coming up in upcoming blog)
  • You are more focused
    1. Your body is on a schedule. Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day, puts your body on a clock.
  • More time for working out!
    • Plenty of energy in the morning to work out. (Hint: See my previous blog for motivation.)

2. Plan Ahead!

Isn’t it nice to know exactly what you are going to have for breakfast? Or what you are going to wear for the rest of the week? Or when you are going to do your homework for an online Math class? When you are going to work out? (Hint: See my previous blog for fitness planning tips.) When you plan ahead what you can control, it makes you feel peaceful, knowing that you don’t have to stress over these decisions. Planning makes you feel more in control of your life when you decide what is going to happen for you the next day. I know that it may seem fun to live day by day, with surprises, but planning what you can control out, is such a great way to be less stressed, and feel more in control. If you want to make planning fun, use a bullet journal! I show you exactly how to make one here.

3. Make a To-Do list and edit it

A To-Do list is a great way to feel in control of your day, not to mention be able to get stuff done! Looking at your list can either make you feel in control or anxious. If you are feeling anxious, then you need to edit your list.

How to edit your to-do list:

  1. Think about what you have to get done today, that is not on your to-do list.
    1. Family time, meals, walks, (Hint: Write these down if you need to)
  2. Make sure that self-care time, journaling and free time are on your to-do list, so you don’t skip them over.
  3. Now look at your to-do list, and think about what you actually have to get done that day. Believe it or not, you will be more productive if you have a couple important tasks on your to-do list, instead of a million less important ones.
    1. (Hint: It takes your brain five minutes to redirect from one task to another.)

4. Declutter (Clean!)

Cleaning is a great way to feel in control of your life. It is something you can do anytime, that your parents won’t mind you doing. Clean your bedroom, pick all the books off the floor, or if you are feeling ambitious, tackle your closet. Why keep what you don’t wear? Donate your old clothes to charity! They are just holding you back from being a new you! A great cleaning strategy is below:

  1. Start with all the clothes, throw them in the laundry.
  2. Pick up all plates, silverware, cups, and put them in the dishwasher.
  3. Pick up any books, and put them away.
  4. Move your laundry to the dryer, and put in another load if you have one.
  5. Now comes everything else.
    1. Books
    2. Toys
    3. Anything else
  6. Take your dry clothes out, and fold them.
  7. Move your wet clothes.

5. Think Positive!

You can’t change what you can’t control! You can only change you, and yourself. Always think positive. Think of the future, or someone you love, or look back at all the progress you made. Rather than think about the things you could have done better, get in the habit of celebrating what you have done well. Thinking positive can be hard if your insecurities are weighing you down. Here I have tons of strategies to learn to be proud of your body. It is important to reward yourself for your achievements. You are what you choose to be in life.

If you want tips for motivation to work out or need some motivation to make yourself a better person, check out my last blog post and my Pinterest!

If you want extra tips, or just want someone to talk to about your fitness goals, email me at I would love to talk to you!

I also highly suggest checking out Breath magazine, which is a mindfulness magazine that wrote this wonderful self-care journal I use daily. I also take some ideas from my journal for this blog.

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