The Summer Morning Routine of a Teen Blogger

Scrolling through Pinterest, I always see posts such as “the morning routine of a mommy blogger,” and I found that the majority of routines that I looked at are about organization and getting as much done in as short amount of time as possible, because of their children. As a teen blogger, I am spending my summer with my family, so while I take more time in my morning routine, I also have a very uncertain day. (Especially since I am awake with a baby!) My morning routine is the time I have that I know is set in stone. My evenings are full of Sorry games, Zoom sports, and Schitts Creek.

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Wake up

I usually wake up around 7 a.m. My alarm goes off at eight, but getting up at 7 means I have an hour with no notifications or distractions on my phone. I am able to get up at 7 without an alarm clock because that is the time for the past four or five years I have had to get up for school.

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Make my bed

I partially do this because I love sliding into a nicely made bed at night and partially because getting something small done in the morning sets a great productive tone for the day. I also put my dirty clothes away and make sure my phone and computer are charged.

Wash my face and do my morning skincare

Washing my face wakes me up, and I love doing my skincare right in the morning because my skin feels so dry and saggy right after I get up. My skincare is super simple, just this amazing, fresh soy face cleanser plus a moisturizer. I have noticed an amazing improvement in how soft and radiant my skin is using this cleanser. It is perfect for all skin types, and everyone in my family uses it.

Drink water

I know some people like to have a full glass of water in the morning right next to their bed, but I find that it is great motivation to get out of bed if I have to go to the fridge to get a water. I usually drink three quarters of a 17oz water bottle right when I get up.

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Morning affirmations and gratefulness

My morning affirmations are usually related to the Law of Attraction. If you want to see the affirmations I use, check out my Pinterest named Sadelle’s Healthy Lifestyle. I also make a long list of what I am grateful for. This reminds me to approach my entire day with gratefulness. I also write in my gratitude journal! I love this journal so much and have preached about it a lot on my blog. Please, please check it out here. My life has changed using this journal. I am more mindful, appreciative, and overall a better person.


Recently I have started using the free version of the app Balance. I usually do their 15-minute gratitude guided meditation. I have a very active, easily distracted mind, so a guided meditation is teaching me how to focus my mind. I also feel very calm after my meditation and I love it when that calm stays with me throughout the day.


After my meditation, I like to get my body moving in the form of yoga. I don’t follow any specific video or lesson. I do my own practice that consists of moves I have accumulated from many classes plus all my sports. I do pretty much the same practice everyday, but every time I follow an online class, (I use the website Do Yoga With Me) I try and incorporate one move from each class into my morning practice.

More water

You know the drill, I am still dehydrated at this point so I start another water. I usually only drink half, so 8.5 oz.

Go for a run/workout

I love working out in the morning with the birds chirping. Similarly to making my bed, getting my workout done sets a tone of “getting things done and being productive” for the entire day. My workouts range from ten minutes to forty-five. I enjoy working out, but I don’t enjoy the time that it takes. Sometimes I feel like I could be doing something more productive.

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Water, breakfast, social media and to-do list

After my workout I usually have breakfast. Lately, it has either been avocado toast or a smoothie. During breakfast, I check social media, check my to-do list, and engage in as much mindful eating as I can through water. Whenever I feel I am eating to fast or too much, I take three big sips of water to reset. I also prioritize my to-do list by importance. I make my to-do lists the night before, and review and prioritize them during breakfast. Doing it earlier takes my attention off of the present.


Once I am done with breakfast, my schedule gets a little uncertain. The baby might be going down for a nap, so I get straight to work, or I play with him more. The first tasks I do for work our check my emails, stats on Pinterest, my website, and the productivity apps I have on my phone. (Upcoming post!) Then I move on to whatever post I am working on. This ends my basic morning routine. Tell me when you get up in the comments.

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