5 Bad Morning Habits to Break for a Productive Day

1. Hitting the snooze button

Despite what you really want to believe, ten extra minutes of sleep will do nothing for you. The hard truth is that you will only feel more tired when you finally convince yourself to roll out of bed. Hitting the snooze button makes you foggy and and affects your productivity. If you want to get more sleep that will actually make you less tired in the morning, then go to bed earlier. Don’t take those extra ten minutes, take an extra hour at night. There is no way to look at it that makes those ten minutes worth it.

2. Having a inconsistent wake up time

The scientific reasons to break this habit involves a messed up Circadian rhythm, and a variety of sleep disorders. A consistent wake up time means you know how many hours of sleep you are getting. You also know what time you have in the morning to get things done and go through your morning routine. An inconsistent wake up time leads to an uncertain morning routine. Click here to learn exactly what should be in your morning routine. You also don’t know if you will be able to get things done in the morning or not. Overall, try and go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday.

3. Going through social media right when you wake up

Your morning time is your time for yourself. Going on social media automatically makes that time for others, and their life. When you go on social media right in the morning you are fogging up your brain. You are exposing yourself to blue light right in the morning. A long with having an inconsistent wake up time, this will also mess up your Circadian rhythm. Keep that morning for yourself, to truly wake up and focus on improving yourself. Work on your hobby, (Hint: Check out the best hobbies and how to get into them here) do some work, or read a book.

4. Not drinking any water

If you wake up and don’t drink any water, your body is probably crying out for help. You have just (hopefully) been asleep for at least seven hours, and you haven’t drunken any water in that time. When you wake up, maybe you don’t notice the side effects at first, but your body is seriously dehydrated. Go get some water. Check out the many benefits of water here, and I highly, highly suggest this water bottle, to make sure you are drinking enough water, and makes you feel good doing it. Drink your water people!

5. Writing your to-do list

Don’t get me wrong, I love to-do lists. I know that some people do not think they are productive, and prefer time blocking and such, but my schedule is just too uncertain for time blocking. A to-do list takes your focus off of the now, and moves it into the future. In the morning you should be focused on the now. A better time to write your to-do list would be the night before, or do it as the last task of your work day. This way everything you have to do is still fresh in your mind for you to put down. In the morning if you think of something that you need to do, quickly jot it down on a small notepad. When you start your workday, look at your notepad and put down the tasks that you actually want to get done that day.

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