Life Lessons to Learn For Successful Teenage Years

1. People who push you down are the ones that make you grow

There are two ways you can take criticism. You can go cry in your bed, let the criticism wash over you and make you think you are nothing, or you can stand up tall, and take that criticism and use it as motivation. As long as you don’t criticize people back, you will always remain above those that have to push people down to make themselves feel up. As humans our basic instincts are to value human approval. As teenagers, the media is telling us we have to fit a certain standard to think we are beautiful. Since we value human approval, when we don’t get it, we can use that to motivate ourselves to grow.

2. You noice your flaws more than anyone else

That acne on your face, that one stupid thing you said in class, they all appear as a bigger flaw in your eyes than anyone else’s. Remember, everyone else is only focused on their flaws too. Nobody spends their time looking at everybody else’s flaws, they look at their own. You are not alone. Most people around you also think they are being judged every moment. Nobody has more time to judge you than yourself. If you try to “fix” yourself for other people, remember that they are also “fixing” themselves for you. The best way to stop focusing on your flaws is to improve your mindset. Focus on all the amazing parts of you instead of the flaws. Focus on the amazing parts of other people too. You will be a healthier, happier person if you focus on the positive.

3. Don’t let your grades control your life

Our society is built on the notion that the only way to get a well paying job and have a good life is by getting into a good high school, and then getting into a good college. In reality life can be so much more than just your grades. Focusing on your grades too much will make you miss out on wonderful oppurtunities. Enjoy your life and build your skills. While college is great, and totally a wonderful path for certain career paths, open your mind to all the other career oppurtunities there are outside of college. For example, starting a blog. 😉

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