5 Necessary Habits of Successful Students

From paper writing, to time management, to productivity, to managing stress, these 5 habits are habits that are necessary for being a successful student.

Being able to make a plan and stay organized

Whether for a test, or a paper, or just your regularly scheduled homework, a plan is always the way to go. A plan is the best way to know if you have time for something in your day, it is the way to see your entire week, and month ahead. But a plan is not just a planner. It is a plan for success. For your plan, you plan out when exactly you are going to study or write a paragraph, and that way when the time comes you will be less likely to procrastinate because that time slot is for your studying. You will stress less with a plan because you won’t have annoying thoughts such as “when will I ever have time to do this?” because you will find time using your planner. The time block planner I suggest is here, and the more journal like planner is here.

Schedule and batch your work

The first part of this ties in with making a plan. Scheduling your work periods allows you to know when your free time is, what days you can take extra work, and more. But when I say schedule, I do not just mean work and study time, I mean free time, friends time, Netflix time, (we need a lot of that because in our day and age who actually only watches one episode of a show at a time??) The most important pieces to plan out are your exercise time, outside time, mealtime, social time, and work time. Those are key components of a healthy day. Make sure they are planned out, so you will get them done.

Batching is a great time management technique. Find more in-depth about batching and more time management techniques here. Batching is putting similar tasks together. It has to do with scheduling because when you schedule a work block, you can schedule that block for a certain type of work. This will allow you to check more things off of your to-do list at a quicker pace.

Do not multitask

I see you multitaskers. You think that you are winning the productivity game, getting more things done faster because you are doing more at once. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t work like that. Our brains can’t focus on multiple tasks at a time. When you are multi-tasking, your brain is actually just switching from one task to another, really, really fast. This isn’t good because it takes your brain five minutes to fully get focused on a task enough to do it competently. When you are multi-tasking there is a good chance none of your tasks will come out well. Do Not Multitask. Put all of your focus into one task and do it well. You will find that all of it will get done faster and better if you take it one step at a time.

Keep your space organized

A clear space means a clear mind. Not to mention all that time you spend looking for stuff will be gone once your space is clear. An organized desk space means you know where everything is, and you can access what you need quickly and easily. Have a dedicated space for every item you own. Don’t have items that just end up wherever you left them last. Create a space for everything.

Get enough sleep

Who doesn’t want to get enough sleep? But as a teenager and student, it just seems so hard. All those papers to write and tests to study for, who has time to sleep? But in reality, you are hurting yourself so much by not getting enough sleep. We need enough sleep. To heal, to rejuvenate, to get our energy high, to keep our mood good, to live longer, and to do better on tests and get better grades on papers. Getting enough sleep boosts your brainpower. Please check out this post for how to create a sleep schedule that matches your exact needs. Thank you for reading!

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