Strategies on How to Learn to be Proud of Yourself and your Body

Being self-conscious is completely normal, but it definitely shouldn’t be. I have talked to girls who can’t decide whether they are self-conscious about being “too skinny,” or “overweight.” That is terrible. They shouldn’t have to choose, they should be able to just love their body. Today I am going to share with you some strategies on how I am learning to love my body, and be proud of myself and will continue to use to keep learning to be proud.

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1. Take a picture of yourself every time you feel pretty, or confident

This is a strategy that I have used many times when I am not proud of my body. This shows me being pretty is not something that everyone else has to feel that you are, it is only something that you have to feel about yourself.

2. Tell yourself your beautiful five times every morning and night (Hint: Because you are!)

Words have an impact. A huge impact, if you tell yourself something enough, you will begin to believe it.

3. Wear clothes because you feel good in them, not because they are trending

Wearing what you feel pretty in is a great way to be more proud of yourself. Wear clothes that make you feel confident, pretty, and powerful.

4. Stop listening to the haters, and start listening to the people who love you!

5. Find people who have the same insecurities as you, and confide in them

Having a community is so great because you will feel less alone. You will realize that you are not the only one that faces these insecurities, and having a community means you can face them together. A great way to find this community is through social media! Click here for a post on how to use social media positively, and how to find your community through this positivity.

6. Find your hobbies, and develop your skills

Knowing that you are good at something you love, and can develop that skill will make you love yourself more, and be more confident in who you are as a person. How do you find a hobby and develop it? Check out this post for the answer to that question.

7. Step outside of your comfort zone

8. Don’t quit

If you quit, you will regret it. If you keep pushing, someday you will look back at yourself and be proud that you didn’t give up, that you pushed through.

9. Set goals

Completing a goal is such a great way to acknowledge the progress you have made. When you complete a goal, you are showing yourself that you can accomplish something. Nothing feels better than that. Check out the comparison of long-term and short term goals here. A great place to record and track your goals is a bullet journal. I have a whole post about them you can find here!

10. Try not to binge eat!

Binge eating will only make you feel worse. Try and channel that negative energy into a positive outlook, like exercising. If you are having trouble trying to stop binging I have the perfect post for you, right here.

10. Acknowledge all the parts of you, good and bad

If you are not able to accept yourself, you won’t be able to be proud of yourself. Face those bad memories, and acknowledge that no one is perfect. Once you do that, you will be able to love your body, and be proud.

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