Why What You Eat is More Important Than What Workouts You Do For Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose weight, eating healthy is three times more impactful than working out. (Hint: Working out will keep you healthy, and help you live longer)

The Time Ratio

It also only takes a minute to consume hundreds of calories, but it takes a lot more time to burn hundreds of calories. If you only change your exercise habits, and not your eating habits, you will have to exercise a lot more, to make up for the calories you are eating. While this technically means you could lose weight not changing your eating habits, it will happen slowly, because you will have to exercise a lot more. This type of change might not be possible for many people with busy schedules. A lifestyle where you eat a lot and then just workout a lot is not sustainable, and is not healthy. If you cannot stop binge eating, so you turn to exercise, I have a post on how to stop binging here. Overall, the time ratio shows that while the process might be more slow, in the end your lifestyle will be healthier, less busy, and more sustainable if you change your eating habits, and also change your exercise habits. If you want more tips on a healthy lifestyle you can read them here.

Resting Calorie Burning

Your body burns the most calories when it is performing it’s most basic functions. This is not something you can control. So you can only control around 30% of the calories you burn, because 70% is burned through your bodies basic functions. That 30% is through exercise. So this means that you can control 100% of what calories go into your body, through food, but you can only control 30% of the calories that leave your body, through exercise.

How More Exercise Changes Your Other Habits

Lets say you start exercising more, because you want to lose weight. (Hint: Not a healthy mindset for exercising! If you can’t stop thinking of exercising like this, then read this post.) You only want to lose a couple of pounds, so you think that exercising more will be enough. But what you haven’t thought about are the other impacts of exercising more. One of these is that you will eat more. If you don’t also change your eating habits, after a good workout you will find yourself turning to food that might not be so good. Unnoticeably you are now destroying the effects of that workout you just did. Have you ever noticed that after a workout your whole body slows down? This makes sense, but you are also not burning as many resting calories because of this. Overall, there are so many other factors that come into play when you start exercising more that just doing that will not even be enough. Especially if you wanter somewhat quick, but sustainable results.

Long Term Results

I touched on this a little when I talked about the time ratio, but while it is harder to change your eating habits than your exercise habits, you will get more, sustainable results from having better eating habits. While making a salad is a little more time consuming than going to McDonalds, working out for two hours a day instead of just eating a salad, is more time consuming. Once you have good eating habits, it will be easier to start exercising more, because you will have a better exercising mindset. You won’t exercise to lose weight, you will exercise you to be happy. Read more about the healthy exercise mindset here. Eating a salad for lunch instead of workout out for two hours is way more sustainable and will get you long term results. You will also feel less guilty having a day where you don’t workout. Overall, you will be creating that healthy lifestyle by making better eating habits, not just working out more.

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The 17 Ways Drinking More Water Will Drastically Benefit Your Life

First of all I would like to say I am someone who just can’t find the time to drink water, or remember to drink water that is why this water bottle has helped me so much. I hope it helps you just as much.

  • Drinking water is one of the most important ways to improve your lifestyle. You can read more about that specific benefit of water here
  • Water is great for weight loss
    • Water has no calories, and helps you burn calories
  • Drinking a lot of water is a very important component of clear clean. Read more about naturally getting clear skin here
    • Your skin will start to plump up, and you will look like you have been awake for hours instead of minutes
  • Drinking water improves your workouts
    • Water keeps you healthy, and performing your bodies maximum capabilities
  • Water improves your immune system
    • Water gets rid of toxins in your body through your kidneys
  • Drinking more water will make you more energized
    • Dehydration is associated with fatigue, anger and confusion
  • Water improves your mood
    • It just does
  • Drinking more water will brighten your skin
    • You will have a healthier look, because your body and skin will finally be getting the energy it needs to shine
  • Prevents dehydration!
  • Balances out body fluids
  • Drinking water fights stress
    • Water has plenty of great effects on your mood
  • Water flushes out toxins
    • Get those toxins out of your body!
  • Drink more water and boost your digestion
    • If you struggle with constipation, it may be because you are not drinking enough water
  • Water regulates body temperature
    • This isn’t as noticeable as some of the other benefits, but drinking more water can make you a little less cold or hot
  • Drink more water and eat less calories
    • If you are like me and are always eating, instead of reaching for the cookies, get a class of water. Trust me, you will realize you are not actually hungry, you are just thirsty. To learn more about this click here.
  • Drinking more water will boost your attention and memory
    • Dehydration will lower your attention and memory, so always drink water right before a test!

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The 5 Steps to Stop Binging, and Start Eating Clean!

I can admit to being someone who has a hard time putting down the ice cream. I end up feeling bad about myself after, but by then it is done. But I have also learned a lot on this journey, and I want to share with you the tips and tricks 5 steps I use to stop binging.

One very important proclamation to note is that you could eat a cookie every day and not gain weight. So using a cookie for a reward will work! If you want to learn more about the reward system, check out one of my previous blogs on motivation here. The problems come when you eat five cookies, or the entire bag for a couple of days on end. I am going to teach you how to stop yourself from going down that hole.

1. Get to know yourself

Everyone has different eating habits. Your binging habits might not be the same as your parents or your neighbors. You need to get to know your own binging habits. Specifically, you need to know what time of day you binge the most, what food you binge, and how accessible that food is to you. A great way to track these is a fitness journal. Check out my post on how to use one of those here.

2. Make clean food easily accessible

The second step is to make sure that healthy clean food is the first thing you see when you open the fridge. When you are looking for a snack, chances are you don’t want to spend twenty minutes trying to find your Oreos. You would rather just grab the first item of food you see in the fridge, even if its an apple. Put all unhealthy food in the far back of your cabinets, so you will only have the persistence to find them when you know it is the time you allow yourself a dessert.

3. Only grab what you will eat

This step happens during dessert time. Picture this. You just had a great healthy dinner full of vegetables and protein. You deserve some dessert. You pull out the Oreos and grab two. But instead of putting the Oreos back, you leave them out on the counter. And after you finish two, you go get another, and another. You get the idea? Only grab the amount you will eat. This is where knowing your limits comes in handy. If you know that there is no way you will be satisfied after two, then grab three. Right after grabbing them, put the Oreos away, back in the cupboard, out of sight and out of mind.

4. Meal planning

Planning your meals when you are full and are in a healthy mindset is a great way to be strict on yourself while staying within your limits. Take some time on a Sunday and plan all of the meals you control during the week. This will take a lot of strain and tension out of your week. If your grocery situation is shaky at best, and you don’t know what you will have in the house on any given day, then make your meal plans daily. Get up ten minutes earlier to plan all your meals out for that day.

5. Hydrate!

The final step is to hydrate. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are really just thirsty. So the next time you are hungry at a weird point during the day, think about the last time you had a glass of water. Even if it was just an hour ago, get another glass. You should get into the habit of drinking water before you eat. If you drink water before you eat you will eat less during your meal. If you want to learn more ways water will change your life, you can find them here.

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy these steps! You can email me at if you have any questions or suggestions. Check me out on Pinterest at Sadelle! Thank you.