11 Simple and Easy Ways To Make Your Day the Best Day Yet

Everyone wants to have a great day.

Write what you are grateful for in the morning

Gratefulness sets an amazing tone for the day. It gives off an amazing vibe, that makes you feel light and excited, ready to start your day and enjoy every part of it. The best place to put your gratefulness is in a journal, and I spill all the beans on gratefulness and journaling here.

Do a self care activity

A self care activity a day keeps the doctor away. πŸ™‚ But seriously. You can’t develop true relationships with anyone unless you have a deep and connected relationship with yourself. The way to build a self relationship is self care. A bath bomb, paint your nails, if you want some easy self care idea’s, check this post out. The rest of your day will be easier because your body and soul will feel well cared for.

Go outside and move your body

Get some exercise girl! Build up a sweat, feel strong. Exercise is respecting your body. You don’t have to do a Pamela Reif workout, a quick ten minute walk or yoga is great too. OUTSIDE. Get that vitamin D. Not to mention just being outside makes you feel lighter and happier. And so does exercise! Getting outside and moving your body is like the ultimate mood booster. Way more than YouTube and ice cream.

Make some tea and read a book

Reading is the best way to learn new things in my opinion. There is so much you can learn even from a fantasy book. You also get lost in a world that’s not your own. Sometimes thats what we need in these times. Any type of book that interests you. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, historical, read anything. Tea is a great way to calm your nerves, and to get some extra water in throughout your day. (Drink your water people!)

Create something, anything

Most people in first world countries are mainly consumers. They consume tv shows, video games, YouTube videos and more. Take some time to create. Create a painting, take some photos, write a funny play, even just dance to your favorite song. Dancing is creating. Sing a song, and sing it your way. Make up a yoga practice. Anything where you are creating. Creating gives us such joy, it’s a wonder we are all not creating all the time.

Get one thing done that gets you closer to your goals

Just one thing. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, eat one healthy meal, or do one workout. Have that satisfaction of being this much closer to your goal. Every day can matter. Make sure it does. If at the end of the day that one thing you got done was the only thing you did, your day was not a waste. Do not let any day be a waste.

Organize someplace in your house

Organization is key to a productive fulfilled day. Organization can be as small as making your bed, or it could be as large as doing your spring cleaning. Something you can do every day is make your bed. Studies have shown that people who make their beds in the morning are more productive throughout the day. So start small, so your day can go right.

Take some deep breathes

When I say deep breathes, I actually mean meditation. But the basis of the basic meditation is deep breathing. Every morning I make sure to take at least ten deep breaths, sitting in a relaxed upright position, even on my busiest days. You can read more about my morning routine here. The minimum is at some point during the day, take a couple of deep breaths to reset your mind. If you want to go all-in, sit down, and do as many minutes as you want of meditation.

Have some social interaction that makes you smile

Right now, social interaction is hard to come by. But humans are not made to be in isolation. Some ways you can get social interaction are to call a friend, go on a social distance walk, face time someone, meet up and do something social distant. Getting some social interaction that will make you smile just makes your day so much better.

Get off your technology for one hour

Take one hour per day to be in the present. Only one hour, continuously. Not your five-minute breaks that will add up to an hour, one continuous hour of being present in your life. Some ideas are reading, doing yoga, exercising, going for a walk, having your social interaction, or doing any of the other tasks on this list that are not online.

Do something you have never done before

Do something you have never done, experienced something you will never experience again, see something new. Make every day an adventure. Go a different route on your walk, get up an hour earlier, or two hours, or more to see the sunrise. Go to the beach to see the sunset. It is too easy to let the days pass you by when everyday includes the same activities. Do something new, every day. Small or large, make every day a learning experience.

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