7 Important Tasks to Complete for a Succesful Month

1. Creating a monthly calendar

This calendar should be bigger and broader, because it is for the big picture. I also recommend using a weekly more specific calendar throughout the month. On this calendar you should keep track of everything that changes month-to-month, like appointments and ac activities. If you have a long term project, I suggest planning out on your calendar which days you will work on your project to get it done with maximum efficiency. I suggest an aesthetically pleasing planner such as this one.

2 Create or update your budget

If you don’t have a monthly budget, now is a great time to create one! This is not a big daunting task that it may appear to be, simply make a two column list with one side being your expected monthly incomes and the other side with your expected monthly expenses. As the month goes on, make sure to keep it as accurate as possible. As months pass this will get easier and more accurate, and you can improve your budget by going into more detail.

3. Set monthly goals

This is incredibly important to do every month. Setting goals will help you narrow down what you want to spend your time on and include in things like your dream board. Goals help remind you of what you want to accomplish. Keep your goals somewhere you can see them easily, like your dream board or your computer/phone back drop. Use what you learned from last months goals on what you can accomplish, and build off of them.

4. Do your digital organization

This is a digital age, and digital clutter may be just as bad for us physically and mentally as physical clutter. This makes digital organization super important, so I highly suggest you do a deep digital cleaning at least every month, if not every other week. Go through your files and your folders, but also your photos and your texts. If you haven’t texted someone in over a month or more, then I suggest just getting rid of the chat, until you need to send another one time message.

5. Make a monthly to-do list based off of your goals, that can be separated into weekly to-do’s

Look back on those goals you wrote, they are the end results. The path to these goals is lined by these to-do’s. They are big to-do’s that are the steps to reaching your monthly goals. These to-do’s should be able to be separated into weekly to-do’s, which can then be separated into daily to-do’s. Keep this plan for your goals as easily visible as your actual goal list.

6. Do a deep clean

The best way to approach a monthly cleaning is to make a list of all the cleaning tasks you have to get done each month. This list might include cleaning the shower, the sink, cleaning out the fridge, and getting to places that don’t usually get a lot of attention, like the ceiling fan. Having a deep cleaned home will help you start the month right. You also won’t have to worry about cleaning any of those hard to reach places throughout the month!

7. Do a general meal plan

What are the main meals you want to include into your day-to-day meals? You can plan things like having avocado toast on Mondays and Fridays, and oatmeal with strawberries on Tuesday’s and Thursdays for two weeks, or one week or the entire month. What are some great dinner recipes you want to create? A general meal plan does not need to be specific in the least, but it should be the backbones of your meals throughout the month.

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