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Nothing helps you find peace of mind more than meditation. In our current distressing times, peace of mind is very hard to come by. But there are small ways we can make our time at home restful, positive and productive, and meditation is one of them. Meditation apps like Balance are very helpful and offer a full range of guided meditations, but every now and then taking a break to clear your mind and do some deep breathing will be very beneficial during these times.

Bullet journaling

Most of us have a lot more time on our hands now that we are home. Why don’t we use that time for something creative, and joyful. As I talk about in this post, creativity is almost essential for a great day. A bullet journal is something you can look back on and be proud of. Let all your hopes, dreams, and inner manifestations out into a journal, and get lost in the creative process.


Get your body moving and your spirit flowing! Yoga is a relaxing, beneficial way of exercise, and is perfect for any level. My favorite online yoga center is I have found many great free classes there. Just a little will help you rejuvenate your body and help your mind work better. Not just boosting your mind, yoga is stress relieving and very beneficial for your future self. They will thank you later when you add yoga to your routine!

Working outside

I love working outside because there is beautiful nature. But even if you live in an apartment in a city and you decide to work on the roof, you are boosting your mood and helping yourself be healthier. In these times we are getting way less outside time than normal. Being outside for your work time will allow you to get those mood boosts and nutrients that you would get without trying pre-quarantine. Go outside for at least one work session per day, or even week, and see your mood boost.

Going for a walk

Now is a great time to learn new things about the area we live in, and experience nature. Many people find amazing gems in there area that they never knew existed because they were always to on-the-go to appreciate their own area. Taking a walk is exercise, and for those of you who find working out boring, this is the form of exercise for you! (Along with yoga.) See knew things, and get your step count up.

Reading fantasy

I know that fantasy is not everyone’s favorite genre, but it sure is mine. There is something so amazing about experiencing a world that is not your own, especially in these times. I realize that Netflix could cover that, but there is nothing like reading an amazing book about an amazing world. Please, if you don’t know what to read, leave a comment! I have SO MANY suggestions. (Rangers Apprentice, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Ender’s Game, these are just the ones that came to me while writing this. The School of Good and Evil, these all are series with at least five books,) and so many more.

You might have noticed that Netflix and snacking were not on here. While treating yourself is important, they are not very helpful in staying productive. Don’t get caught up in bad habits that you get a simple rush from so you think they are positive. Thank you for reading!

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