7 Amazing Tips For Teenage Confidence

1. Try a quick fix

If you are dealing with a small burst of “am I good enough?” or “i’ll never be able to do this” thinking, than there are a couple of quick fixes you can use to regain your confidence. The first quick fix is listening to music and dancing. If you don’t like music or dancing, try doing anything creative to let yourself wander and focus on yourself. The second quick fix is imagining yourself completing whatever goal or task is making you feel discouraged. Let that accomplished feeling fill your mind. My final quick fix is meditation. You can use meditation to dive deep into the root of your discouragement or sadness. Once you find that root, destroy it.

2. Believe you can change and improve

This amazing confidence tip is if you are looking to make a long term change. Consider how you think of your abilities and skills. Do you think that you can improve on them and change? Or do you think that there is no way you can change, and your abilities are set at birth. If you resonate with the first, congrats! You have a growth mindset. You are looking to learn and improve your skills and abilities. But if you resonate with the second one, then you have a fixed mindset. You don’t believe you can improve. You believe that for the rest of your life your abilities and skills will remain the same. This is definitely a cause of discouragement. Try to work on your mindset. To do this, check out this post on how to master your mindset.

3. Practice and face failure head on

Failure is a part of life. No one can say anything different. But how to face failure is what allows you to build confidence or not. If you face failure head on, you are able to learn from your failure and get better. Your confidence can get better, when you learn from your failures and will be stronger next time. When I say practice, I mean learn to live and thrive off of failure. Get used to it, and expect it.

4. Clean out your social media

Only follow social media accounts that make you feel good and powerful. Check out this post for an in depth guide to using social media in a positive way.

5. Embrace your imperfections because they are what make you unique

If everyone were perfect, we would all be the same. Our flaws our what make us unique and special. That acne on your cheek is what makes you different from your peers. Or take your freckles. You might be insecure about your freckles, but remember there are so many people that draw on freckles everyday. Your insecurities are what make you beautiful and human. Remember that you are unique.

6. Don’t put yourself down (even if its a trend)

You read that right. Self deprecation? A trend? No way. But think about it. Have you ever seen a comment on a TikTok that goes a little like this? “My wide ribcage could never.” This is not a very harmful one for someone’s confidence or mental health, but these types of comments are the ones that always get lot’s of likes. This is because people agree with the comment, and while that is good because it is showing the person who commented it that they are not alone, it is also bad. People comment these things to get more likes on their comments, and more people who might click to their profile. The more they comment these things, the more likes, the more clicks, and the more confidence they lose. Overall, never comment or say anything that puts yourself down.

7. Don’t compare, accept that you are different

Raise your hand if you have ever compared yourself to someone else. I bet everyone reading this has a raised hand. Even in a small way. Comparing yourself is stupid. If you compare your writing ability to a classmate in the same class, with the same oppurtunities, it might be fair, but so many circumstances aren’t. Comparing your body to someone else’s is wrong. Everyone is different. Everyone’s genes, circumstances, problems, issues are different. Remember that the next time you are comparing yourself. And remember all of these tips the next time you feel a lack of confidence.

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