29 Ways to Spend Your Free Time More Productively

  1. Reading
  2. Journaling (hint: a whole post about why and how to journal here)
  3. Walking
  4. Drawing
  5. Learning a language
  6. Cleaning
  7. Meditating
  8. Cooking
  9. Learning to play chess
  10. Dancing
  11. Learning to code
  12. Scrapbooking
  13. Cleaning out inbox
  14. Call an old friend
  15. Take online classes
  16. Find a hobby (hint: a whole post about finding a hobby here)
  17. Self-care
  18. Research something you didn’t know
  19. Make to-do lists
  20. Add important dates to your calendar
  21. Listen to Ted talks
  22. Start social media accounts (a whole post on making your accounts positive here)
  23. Spend time with friends and family
  24. Set goals and make a plan for completing them
  25. Listen to good music and chill
  26. Write a story, any type
  27. Make a time capsule
  28. Enter into competitions (Hint: Writing, cooking, any type!)
  29. Start a blog!

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