How to Stay Consistent with Your Healthy Eating

Why eat healthy?

  1. Eating healthy can be delicious
  2. Eating healthy will make your body strong
  3. You will be a healthier person overall
  4. In my opinion it is more fun to cook healthy foods

Create a grocery list and stick to it

A grocery list is the best way to make sure you are only cooking healthy meals. If you only buy the components of healthy meals, and don’t buy unhealthy food, you will be able to stay consistent with your healthy eating. I suggest a base grocery list of healthy fruits and vegetables, that can be used in healthy snacks and meals. You can add on anything specific for that week, but you will always have fruits and vegetables on hand. And if healthy snacks and meals are most convenient to eat, they will end up being what you eat.

Drink lots of water

Water is super important to staying healthy, because it has so many benefits. You can read about all of them, here. What I am going to say in this post, is that drinking water will help fill you up, which is great for not over eating. Over eating with any type of food is not very beneficial, and drinking water is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t end up over eating.

Make healthy snacks for easy access

This tip is one that can make sure that you consistently eat healthy. On Sunday, or Monday, put together a good amount of healthy snacks. Snacks that are easy to package and full of fruits and vegetables. Make enough for the entire week. Throughout the week, whenever you get hungry, instead of reaching for an unhealthy snack you can eat one of your healthy, pre-made snacks. This is making sure that one of the biggest contributors to unhealthy eating, snacks, are healthy.

Don’t drink your calories

Soda, Coke, Sprite, all of these drinks may be great, but they are just extra calories, and super unhealthy. On top of that, when you are drinking un healthy drink, it means you are not drinking water. An easy way to make your lifestyle healthier is to switch out all unhealthy sugary drinks with water.

Learn to cook delicious healthy meals

Cooking is not for everyone. I can personally say that I know I do not like to cook. Right now though, I am lucky because my mom cooks the meals for my family, and she is good at making healthy meals. But I definitely want to start cooking more, so I can learn to enjoy it. The more I enjoy it, the more I will do it, and the more healthy meals I will eat.

Make a meal plan that suits you

Meal plans are great because they allow you to not have to spend a lot of time thinking and planning for your meal each day. If you create a meal plan full of healthy enjoyable meals, then it would be the easiest option for you to follow it. This makes sure that you are eating healthy meals. When you make your meal plan, make sure it fits your own needs, and what you are able to get.

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