10 Best Daily Journal Prompts for Inner Growth

Journaling is a beautiful way to improve yourself. See what you have accomplished, and learn how to keep improving. Sticking to specific daily prompts can really make sure you are creating a future for yourself that you love.


Why do we journal in the morning?

We journal in the morning to set the tone for the day. We do this by making sure each day has a purpose, and a goal. The guiding questions below are basically perfect for creating a goal and a purpose for your day.

What is your daily intention?

How should the flow of your day go? What is the intention or purpose?

What will you focus on today to manifest the perfect outcome?

Remember, what you focus on is what manifests in your life. Focus on the positive, the beauty in your life.

What actions can you do today to manifest your desired outcome?

Action, along with focus, is the most important part of manifestation. What actions can you concretely do too manifest your desired outcome?

What will you do for yourself today, to improve yourself and also stay happy?

For this question, it is mainly focused on self care. What activities will you do to improve yourself and learn, while taking care of your body and mind.


Why do we journal at night?

We journal at night to release ourselves from the daily pressures, so we can get a better sleep and focus on tomorrow. It is a time for reflection and preparation. The guiding questions below are perfect for these journaling goals.

What was your favorite thing you did today?

How can you make sure tomorrow is even better?

For this question, think about the times during your day when you felt sad, alone, scared, or basically any negative emotion. What could you have done in the moment to turn it around?

What have you been overthinking? How can you release that pressure?

This will allow you to sleep better, and it will help you manifest your ideal next day. By getting things off your chest you are releasing low vibration thoughts, and making way for higher vibration thouhts.

What are you feeling grateful for?

Always remember to be grateful for everything you have.

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