The Puzzle Pieces of Someone

In all seriousness, If we had the ability to be in someones body with their shoes, I totally would. I believe that being in someone else’s body would be a great way to get to know them. For example, I know that I could walk miles and miles and miles because I’ve walked a marathon before, (a story for another time) but if the body of the person who owns the shoes you currently possess are not able to walk many miles you can tell a lot about them. Whew! If they can’t walk too much, then they haven’t been walking lately. If they haven’t been walking, then they probably haven’t been working out. Maybe they’re less disciplined, or they prefer to not workout, or many other options.

What are they wearing? Eccentric hats, elegant long coats, nice jewelry. I have always thought that pieces of clothing are puzzle pieces that when pieced with genetics, personality and personal experiences make up the picture that is who a person is. These puzzle pieces that make up a person can not just be found on their body. They have to be found in their life.

In our busy world, full of moving parts, before someone criticizes someone else, they don’t usually take the time to find a way to walk a mile in that person’s shoes, or dig into their lives. They just criticize and move on.

This is your daily reminder to care. I know that you may be struggling, you make be hurting inside, but there is no point attempting to take those feelings out on someone else. They won’t leave. You will just feel worse. I hope you understand I am telling you the truth, even if it is not what you wish or need to hear. Think of those people as you. They could be feeling the same way. Treat them as you wish to be treated.

“Do unto others what you wish to be done to you” – Literally any old religious book or important historical figure 😉

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What Has Covid Taught Me?

Covid has taught me the meaning of freedom and its purpose

Do you remember when freedom was having a day off from school or going on a vacation? Freedom was so easy to understand. Making your own choices about what you do, that is freedom. That was freedom. Now, the world is changing. The world has already changed, and there is no going back. Our definition of freedom has been redefined forever. We have to enjoy those small moments where we can forget about our troubles for one minute, and just enjoy the world. Those are moments of freedom. 

Confinement will never be freedom. Our parents might think we are free, but what they have to understand is that free time does not equal freedom. In this world, it’s hard being a teenager. We are beginning to break off from our parents, so we feel the freedom of sneaking out, or hanging out with our friends, or skipping school. In the beginning, we thought, less school equals more freedom! But that is not how it went.

Quarantine felt like a dream for the first few days because we had no school! But then every day started to feel like the one before it and we think of all the friends we could have hung out with, and now this dream is a nightmare. A nightmare where all of the freedom that we had is gone. This has gotten so bad that we wish to go back to school. 

Everything is not as bleak as it seems though. We are learning, realizing that while we might not have that much freedom, we do have a lot of free time. Will we use that free time to grow and rise? Or to sink? I hope that we all realize that in quarantine we can grow, become better people, with new skills. 

Overall, in quarantine, the freedom we have is the freedom to choose. We have the choice to get up early to work out, or not have that extra cookie, or to be nice and pay attention to our zoom class. These are the choices that we can control. Believe it or not, when we were not in quarantine, these were also the choices we could control. Being in quarantine does not mean we can give up on our dreams, it just means we have to chase them differently.