5 Tips to Disconnect from Your Phone

Why disconnecting from your phone is important:

  • To much screen time is time consuming
  • Bad for your health
  • Leads to unhealthy relationships
  • Worsening mental health
  • Not focusing on the world around you

1. Don’t look at your phone right when you get up

The moments right when you get up are definitely some of the most important moments in the day. What you do in them will impact how you feel for the rest of your day. Because of this, going on your phone the first moment when you wake up will put all of the negativity on social media into your brain, and it will destroy the rest of your day. Instead of going on your phone, I suggest reading, or journaling, or dancing to your favorite songs.

2. Create routines that incorporate no phone time

In this day and age, it is so hard to stay off of our phones. They have become an extension of ourselves. But other things that have always been important to us, are our habits and routines. They shape our day and our life. So creating a routine/a habit that incorporates no phone time will allow us to get that much-needed screen time break. If you already have a routine, put around an hour into it for some other productive non-screen activity, for example reading.

3. Use your phones benefits to help you unplug

There are so many apps out there, and at least some of them are productive! You can use apps you schedule time away from your phone, or to organize your routines or your to-do’s.

4. Fill your free time up with activities you enjoy

Instead of using all of this extra free time that comes with quarantine for screen time, take these new oppurtunities we have, and do some more of what you love. Allow yourself to fill up you free time with activities that fill your heart, and others that let you grow. There are a lot of different fun tasks that you can do alone, off screen. Take advantage of your new free time to do something productive for your growth.

5. Separating work phone time from free phone time

Our phones can be or are necessary to be used for our work, meaning that it is sometimes hard to stay on task during a work period. Because of this, you need to create a system of checks and balances to keep yourself on task. This system could be an app on your phone that allows to to restrict what apps you use and the time period you use them for, or some other alarm system. Anything that will separate work phone time from free phone time is good.

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