8 New Habits Perfect for 2021

Set one alarm and stick to it

This habit is very important to build over time. I have written about it in other posts, because it is a simple habit with a not-so simple fix that can completely change your mornings and through that change the rest of your day.

Fix your skincare routine and personalize it

A good skincare routine has many benefits. The main benefit is improved skin, which can help you feel lighter healthier and happier. Another benefit is an improved morning and night time routine, because doing your skincare can be very therapeutic. It can also help you wake yourself up in the morning, and help you feel cleaner and nicer before you go to bed.

Keep your calendar on your mind and review it

A calendar is no good if it does not help you. So make sure you keep your calendar in an easily accessible position -next to your bed or your desk to name a few- where you can easily review it and check it throughout the day, and keep it in the front of your mind.

Make your bed

Making your bed is an important morning habit to start your day off right. If your bed is made and your room looks nice, how likely are you to crawl back into it? Not very likely. Making your bed helps you get out of bed and stay there, and the action of doing it helps you get out of a sleeping mindset into a daytime-kickass mindset.

Try new recipes or learn to cook

Cooking as a hobby can be super therapeutic and helpful for clearing your mind, but cooking is also an important skill. If you know how to cook you can prepare nourishing healthy meals for yourself, and maybe your family. And to make cooking fun, try new recipes! Do new things. Who knows, your current favorite meal might not stay in that position for long.

A frequent yoga program that you choose that is correct for you

Finding a yoga program is great for beginner yogi’s who are not very good at choosing their own practices. A yoga program can be anything, beginner, intermediate, hard, and any type of yoga. Yoga offers so many benefits, it can help you stay healthy and it can improve your mind.

Get outside

Theres nothing more amazing than feeling fresh air with all your senses after a long day inside. Try to get outside every day, just for a little bit. The fresh air is more than just a nice sensation. It’s a healthy sensation. Find activities you enjoy and do them outside.

Work on your mindset through books and affirmations

Your mind is just as, and maybe more important than your body. The best ways to improve your mindset are through affirmations and positive books. Affirmations are best spoken in front of a mirror in the morning and at night.

Thank you for reading!

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