The Struggles of Quarantine for Me and How I am Trying to Overcome Them

Quarantine has changed our lives so much, in so many ways. In some ways, it has been good for me, for example this blog, but in other cases quarantine has caused so many struggles. The good news is that with a simple google search, I have realized I am not the only one facing these struggles. Teenagers everywhere are dealing with the awful side effects that come from virtual learning, and spending all our time at the house. But just because these struggles are shared, does not mean that they effect our lives in negative ways any less. Below are the main struggles that I face because of quarantine.

1. Mental fatigue

Mental fatigue has been caused in these times because of the overload of stress I have been feeling. With more people getting coronavirus and dying from it everyday, being stuck inside all the time, doing online school, being stuck around my family all the time, not seeing my friends or not experiencing any new fun events, there are so many causes for stress.


The solution I am working on is trying to incorporate more sporadic events, and things I actually do, along with hanging out with my friends social distanced, and creating a good plan for online learning. These events usually just mean going on a walk on my own, or going to get Starbucks or ice cream. Being in quarantine has reminded me of all the fun events and things I used to do with my friends, and I hope I can do them again soon.

2. All the time in the world to eat

Being quarantined in our houses most of the time is very important for everyone to stay safe, but it also means that the fridge and the pantry are only a couple steps away, all the time. In this situation it is way to easy to overeat, and overeat with unhealthy food that does not fill you up. I for one, am always grabbing snacks, anytime for any class. This is not healthy and is not good paying attention during class.


Meal plan. Creating a meal plan, and then only buying the ingredients for those meals. A meal plan should include snacks, but mainly consist of healthy meals that will fill you up. A meal plan is difficult to make, so I suggest you check with your family before making it. Make sure that your meals aline with the meals they are eating.

3. No concrete schedule

Because most of our activities have been canceled or moved online, and school has become rather uncertain, it is very hard to have a concrete schedule. Not just with activities assigned by others, but to-do’s you give yourself, and the time that you need to complete these to-do’s. With no concrete schedule, I know that for me I end up laying around on my phone a lot of the time.


Create a schedule! Pull out a binder, or your online google calendar and plug in when you will get your to-do’s done, and when you will do the other tasks you need to do to keep yourself active and moving. Make sure your schedule works with everything else that you and our family might have planned.

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