7 Ways to Find Self-Worth

Way to much we tell ourselves that we aren’t worthy to live our best life, we aren’t worthy to improve, and grow, and learn. But what we need to learn is that our greatest critic is ourself. Our feelings of low self-worth our caused by us, and they can be overcome by us.

Decide to be in a good mood right when you get up

That first moment you open your eyes will impact your entire day. Saying right when you get up, “today will be an amazing productive day” can benefit you so much. Also smile. A lot. Smiling lights people up from the inside. It is what we instinctively do if something is funny or makes us happy. Bring those emotions to the top by smiling and feeling joy. Start your day with positive thoughts and positive vibes. Don’t let your day be ruined with your first though being, “ugh, I have to live another boring day today,” take the lead and create an amazing day.

Let all the positives fill your mind

Let yourself obsess over the positives. Let your gratitude, hope, love, joy, freedom and everything you love about yourself fill you up. Stop looking for flaws within yourself, and see all the beauty. Everyone has flaws. Embrace them as a part of yourself. Compliment yourself and remind yourself of your amazingness every single day.

Journal positively

What does journaling positively mean? It means using bright colors and bright highlighters, but it also means journaling about positive topics, such as what you are grateful for and the best parts of your day. Remember to highlight the good, because like attracts like. The more you focus on good in your life, the more good will come. I do realize that venting about the bad can help ease your pain, but if you follow it with focusing on the good, that will also ease your pain.

Do not force yourself to be alone

No matter who you are or what you have done, no one should be alone. I understand that letting people in is harder for some than others, but find that clan. Those people you can truly trust with everything. Those are the people that will build up your self esteem. Let them shower you with praise, and accept that praise. Finding friends that will laugh with you and let you be yourself is a huge step in finding self-worth.

Nourish and support your body

Your body thrives off of healthy fruits, vegetables, outside time, self-care, exercise, learning. These tasks are just some of the tasks that will help you grow and become a stronger version of yourself. Your body will better support you if you better support it. Remember while these tasks may seem like a drag in the beginning, if you do them enough they can become beautiful parts of your day.

Live only in the moment

Don’t spend your valuable time hanging on to the past or worrying about the future. Spend your time focusing on the present and the beauty of everything around you. What can you do in this moment to make yourself happier? The past is over now. You can’t change it, you can’t alter it. The future hasn’t happened yet. The only way to change what’s going to happen in your future is to change your present. What is the best path to take, right now?

Have times when you unplug

Stepping away from the negative and toxic environment of technology can start to stimulate your mind to think more positive thoughts. The whole environment of social media can destroy someones self-worth. This does not mean all parts of social media are bad, there are parts that are beautiful and great for your self-worth, but you need a break from those parts too. Take some time to be in the present and in your real world.

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